Two New Xbox One Consoles Could Be Unveiled during E3 2016

Two new incarnations of a Xbox One console have reportedly been outed by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings done by Microsoft, with a non-disclosure agreements trustworthy to these consoles failing right after E3 2016.

While these filings usually mention teenager details pertaining to these consoles, they do suggest that Microsoft potentially has a integrate of vast surprises adult a sleeve for a arriving expo. The filings, unclosed by NeoGAF user ekim, reveals how Microsoft has done dual new filings with apart indication numbers – 1682 and 1683. These filings were done as a outcome of a FCC wanting to approve a wireless information delivery record that can be found in these consoles, with a Xbox One carrying formerly been given a go-ahead underneath a indication series 1525. The giveaway here is that a request contained in a filings for indication 1683 is a documented patrician “User Manual 1525,” a vast indicator that this indication will share an unrevised duplicate of a instruction manual bundled with a Xbox One.



Unfortunately, with a infancy of these papers being hold underneath a non-disclosure agreement, it’s unfit to obtain any some-more information. However, it’s easy to assume that if indication 1683 is to be a new Xbox One console given that it appears to enclose a same user manual, afterwards given that indication 1682 also contains wireless information delivery record that indispensable to be authorized by a FCC, it is also a new console. The timing of a expiry of a NDAs, that interpretation on Jun 25th, also suggests that Microsoft is looking to betray these new consoles during E3 2016.

With a Microsoft worker formerly inventory a “Xbox neXt” among his projects on LinkedIn, and with there being most conjecture in regards to a intensity Xbox One 4K, it’s looking some-more and some-more expected that we’ll see during slightest one new chronicle of a console this year.

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