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PAX East 2016 was a 8th PAX in a row. We schooled a lot, generally looking behind during a initial “orange branding” try that came out of pristine collision 2 years progressing during East 2014. In this post we wish to pronounce about counter layouts, design, and in ubiquitous how to make some-more of your showcase. 

Your counter is what creates your brand, and being mouth-watering creates fans. The people that come to PAX are very, unequivocally critical – they’re a ones shopping tickets to events that sell out within minutes. Make them happy. 

So here are top7 tips.

1. Never pattern in-wards

I see copiousness of booths, vast and small, pattern in-wards confronting layouts. It’s stupid. Don’t do that. You don’t wish to emanate walls around your space. You wish people walking buy to simply get a glance of what’s going on and not have restrictions that’d forestall people from leaving. 

2. “Face” your counter towards top trade areas. 

Most constructions will force we to emanate a “back” for a booth. If you’re in a smaller space, you’re substantially already corroborated adult to a wall — so there’s not many choice there. But if you’ve got an island space, we unequivocally need to figure out what’s a many upheld mark and put your “back” there. 

Then make certain all heading adult to a behind of a counter is open and see-through. 

3. Make certain there are no upheld corners

Once you’ve figured out a face and layout, try walking around. Remember — people will stop and glance during things. You need to have adequate space so that trade never stops. It’s critical so that a counter has good flow. Maybe fixation these 2 monitors so tighten isn’t a good idea, and carrying an opening between is some-more efficient. Nobody likes a feeling of being trapped. 

4. Have seating, people need to chill

I was super happy when we bought a ton of gentle chairs. They have slight behind support and are good for sitting down, relaxing, and enjoying games. Being on your feet all day means comfort creates good associations. People will remember your diversion improved if they were gentle personification it. 

5. Don’t explain a games. Actually, don’t micro-manage your counter in general.

I’m certain a ton of devs will object. Many try to force controllers to intensity players. Fact is, if your counter is approachable, people will wish to try your game(s). We adore creation programmed demos that “run themselves”. In idle mode, a shade will customarily have a trailer using on loop with a accessible “press any symbol to start” message. You come on up, and start playing. If a hire goes idle again, a trailer will start playing. 

In SpeedRunners, we don’t even have a trailer — rather actor control gets taken over by bots. 

The best games pronounce for themselves. 

We try to passively observe what players are perplexing to do, and assistance customarily if they have trouble. Most of a time people customarily wish to discuss after personification a demo. Don’t make anyone feel wish to play a diversion since you’re perplexing to explain how it works. 

Plus you’ll also get some-more time to be during a booth. 

6. Have an activity, a showstopper

For dual PAXes in a row, we have a Punching Arcade Machine where people come adult and try to win giveaway swag (if they strike tough enough). By simple calculations we had over 15,000 people try it out during PAX East 2016. People adore activities. 

Before that, we’d have things like scavenger hunts to collect cards and sell them for a giveaway game. We had quizzes using on iPads that’d get we giveaway games if we answer all correctly. You’d have to indeed play any demo in a counter to obtain a knowledge. 

Activities are what make we memorable. 

At PAX East 2016 we put adult a vast shade with SpeedRunners using on it, and flew out a best actor in North America. We’d have a pointer observant “beat this guy, get $1k”, and tons of people lined adult to try. 

My heart skipped a few beats during close-call moments, though also a counter exploded with emotion. You unequivocally wish everybody to feel welcome, involved, and have all these overwhelming things going on that people will remember and pronounce about. 

7. Work on your branding. 

Please don’t do plain logos on black backgrounds if you’re not going to irradiate a logos on unresolved signs — nobody will notice that. 

You need to have clever branding. Think of a figure and color, and afterwards hang with it. People commend shapes that are easy to remember. Think of an X-Wing. Mickey Mouse. Angry Birds. You now see a figure cocktail in your head. 

When it comes to conventions, carrying general booths never works. Nor does carrying tedious colors and zero memorable.

  • Think of lights that move your counter alive. If your association tone is red, gleam red flood-lights on a branding. 
  • Think of viewpoints, like a hulk airship tower. You see that spinning thing a mile away. 
  • Even on a shoestring bill we can standout. LED strips that conflict to sound cost $40 on Amazon. But don’t try haze or burble machines, we unsuccessful miserably with those. 

8. Be prepared to exam your stamina and nerves. 

It’s easy to blink a volume of work that goes into exhibiting during shows. Here’s what we get into (assuming you’re on an indie budget):

  • Jetlag! You will be jetlagged. Learn to energy by it. 
  • Sleep! You need to get during slightest 6 hours of plain sleep, that means devise for 8. 
  • No time for correct breakfast/lunch/dinner. Train to means yourself on whatever is available, and it’s customarily Subway and discerning bites here and there. we can go though food for over 24h as prolonged as we splash something sweet, and that’s an unsubstantial skill
  • Pressure multitasking. When you’re during a gathering your business can’t stop. Learn to multitask underneath vigour – go by your e-mails on time, and use expecting issues. You’re traffic with logistics during shows, it’s critical to consider probable conflicts in scheduling through. 
  • Mind your voice: it’s easy to remove your voice during a convention, that is because we should expect that with mints and constantly celebration comfortable tea. Shows customarily have exhibitor lounges where those are easy to get. 
  • Stuff will go wrong. It’s okay. At each gathering something goes wrong, and that’s customarily fine. Keep your cold and solve one problem during a time. 

For reference, here are all a before PAXes we did:

  • PAX Prime 2013: premiered SpeedRunners in a little temporary counter in a Indie Mini Booth
  • PAX East 2014: incidentally finished adult with a outrageous counter between Blizzard, Ubisoft, and NCSoft — though a possibility of station out. We finished adult pushing to a Costco and shopping orange towels, ductape, sheets — anything we could find, to hang a counter in what incited out to be a signature color. 
  • PAX Prime 2014: a orange mania went overboard as we combined a good mouth-watering space on a 6th building where tons of people played SpeedRunners and half a dozen other games. 
  • PAX South 2015: a modular counter was born, and this is where we figured out how to do conventions properly. 
  • PAX East 2015: a modular counter knowledge from South authorised to emanate an open, mouth-watering atmosphere.
  • PAX Prime 2015: a modular counter blueprint facilitated a successful launch for Party Hard, and we satisfied a value of in-booth activities. 
  • PAX South 2016: “let’s get a incomparable space” — we scaled adult a space and designed an open layout. 

Wrapping up!

Don’t try to duplicate what everybody else is doing. You’ll see a ton of bad examples. You have to comprehend that many of us can’t contest with AAA budgets, so we need to outinnovate. Yes, this does meant spending all day perplexing to figure out a layout. Yes, it does meant drifting in early and preparing. And no, this isn’t something we can figure out last-minute, it takes preparation. No matter what, a best resolution will still engage last-minute lorry rentals to get something together, and afterwards not sleeping all night contrast builds — though though before credentials and thought, a possibility of success is unequivocally slim. 

What we do an conventions takes an unusual volume of effort, we wish this essay helps some developers make a best out of these events. 

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