This DIY Arcade Cabinet Is Made from IKEA Parts

This DIY Arcade Cabinet Is Made from IKEA Parts

Building an overwhelming arcade cupboard is something we’ve shown we how to do before, several times, though this one is done (mostly) from IKEA components that are easy to buy, easy to mod, and designed to fit only about any diversion system, aged or new.

If you’re meddlesome in it, here’s what you’ll need, according to SIN Tchan, an IKEA Hackers reader in Paris who built this himself:

  • MICKE table $49.99
  • Samsung guard 24″ hdmi with speakers $150
  • Arcade hang motherboard $30 (type “arcade hang pcb” on
  • Buttons + joystick (brand Sanwa) $40
  • Stainless steel row $30
  • Black stickers $15
  • Stool $50

Of course, you’ll also need a console we wish to use with a setup, that SIN Tchan left out of a cost relapse (but enclosed in a list on a site,) though are apparently flattering important. If we have an aged console fibbing around you’d like to get a small some-more life out of, this competence be a good use for it-and a games we have sitting around collecting dust. Once we have all of your components, it’s mostly about putting all in a right place, and there’s a full step-by-step during a couple below.

The Arcademicke | IKEA Hackers

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