The Next Cartoon Network Game Is 'Teeny Titans', a 'Pokemon'-like Game with DC Comics Characters Coming This …

The Cartoon Network has been giving us some unequivocally good games recently. From Card Wars – Adventure Time to Attack a Light and Flipped Out – The Powerpuff Girls, CN has been leveraging a IPs utterly successfully, and a subsequent diversion seems equally as promising. According to a post on a forums today, a subsequent diversion from Cartoon Network and Grumpyface Studios is called Teeny Titans and is entrance in June. We knew the diversion would be entrance this summer, though it’s good to hear a diversion is indeed entrance out this month. Teeny Titans is a collectible impression conflict diversion where we hunt for, train, and conflict several DC Comics’ heroes and villains. The diversion will also embody strange voicework from a full Teen Titans Go! cast.

Teeny Titans


Just a anxiety to Teen Titans and DC Comics is substantially going to be adequate for many players given a Teen Titans GO! TV array is flattering interesting and DC heroes (despite some new stumbles in a film theaters) are always fun. Teeny Titans brings a new real-time RPG conflict complement to a table, and a diversion is – as we substantially suspected by now – Cartoon Network’s take on Pokemon. The diversion will be reward with no IAPs and will offer over 12 hours of gameplay. Between collecting all those characters and a (hopefully) fun conflict system, this is certain to be a winner. Jump over to the forum page to see some-more of a game.

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