'Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' Biggest Update Yet Brings Guilds, Raids, and Han Solo

If you’ve been personification Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [Free], you’re going to be utterly happy with a latest update. The character-collecting and character-battling F2P diversion was received utterly definitely (it does take a lot for Star Wars fans to dislike a Star Wars game), and this latest refurbish aims to assistance all those players form Guilds in sequence to – presumably – save a universe some-more easily. Guilds are unbarred when players strech turn 22, and there’s a complement in place to let we hunt for a friend, try endorsed Guilds, or emanate your own. In addition, new discuss functionality lets players strategize with their Guild friends in genuine time, ensuring that we can censure your friends for not following your ideal strategy. The diversion will offer ongoing hurdles for Guilds and offer both rival and mild opportunities. And, of course, we can customize your logo.

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The refurbish also adds Raids, with a initial one vouchsafing players go deeper into The Pit. This will be a initial of multi-tier Raids that should grow over time. Raids also have leaderboards to assistance we review yourself with all a other players in a Cantina. And, finally, a refurbish lets we acquire new characters, with Han Solo being by distant a many critical of them all. Since Han shoots first, he gets a giveaway conflict during a commencement of a conflict (which is a intelligent approach of incorporating a whole discuss into a gameplay). The update’s live, and we can check out all a sum here. And if we need help creation it by but profitable money, we have a beam only for that.

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