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2016/03/01 12:00 PM

How do we recover your layer as champion of a genre we pioneered? Everdreamsoft’s answer is Spells of Genesis (SoG), an innovative new mobile trade label knowledge mixing arcade palliate and a own, innovative banking for iOS and Android devices.

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A Look Into Spells of Genesis

Spells of GenesisEverdreamsoft’s initial incursion into trade label gaming (TCG) was with 2009’s Moonga, garnering 250,000-plus downloads and being one of a initial free-to-play practice on a AppStore. Now they’re pulling a mobile gaming pouch once again by focusing a many critical aspect of any gaming experience: The players.

Point, Cast, Fire

Trading label gaming (TCG) has had a boundary in terms of discerning experiences: Pick your card, expel your spell and let a AI take over. Spells of Genesis lets we truly turn a master of sorcery – not usually will we emanate your spells, though beam your spells like never before.

Choose your 4 cards, find your opponent, enter a SoG bridgehead of Askian and use a hold shade on your iOS or Android inclination to beam your attacks toward your enemies. Move your spells with a crack of your index finger, miscarry a conflict off walls and objects to equivocate defenses; destroy a foe with additional damage, speed and perks sparse on a field.

SoG uses devise and hold to douse we into a universe of enchanting duals. Your cards form a strategy, though your hand-eye coordination executes your plan.

Think right, expel right and feel your sorcery strike a mark.

Buy, Sell, Own Your Power

Spells of GenesisBuying and offered cards outward of gaming’s bounds was never partial of any TCG’s terms of service, though a marketplace has existed and thrived for years.

While a foe competence evade that market, Spells of Genesis lets we welcome it.

You own your spells. You possess each singular label we were propitious adequate to earn. Not Everdreamsoft, not gaming executives, you. And we can sell that monument for distinction if we so desire.

Using Bitcoin’s “blockchain” (think of it like a public, digital receipt of each Bitcoin transaction … ever) to safeguard each transaction is authorized and satisfactory to both parties, we can buy and sell whatever label we want; we can deposit in a singular spell we know is singular and boost a value. SoG embraces a giveaway marketplace that has turn a tack in gaming.

Export your cards by environment adult and regulating your Bitcoin address. Every label has a possess graphic attributes, and we can sell it for a profit, or burst it behind into a terrain for some-more duals.

It’s a new, innovative proceed and a gratifying one. Now apropos a world’s many absolute sorceress can truly be a fulfilling knowledge in and out of cyberspace.

The Askian Bit Rush

Spells of GenesisSoG takes place in a Moonga domain of Askian. A land surrounded by plateau and abounding in a game’s currency, BitCrystals.

BitCrystals are a bullion of Askian and a fuel for your cards. Earn or buy a crystals to ascent your cards and powers. Combine dual duplicate, maxed out cards to perceptible something some-more absolute and rare. Merge those with others and form your style, devise and, hopefully, dominance.

Earn Gold and Elemental Crystals from each conflict we survive, some tournaments will even acquire we BitCrystals, or squeeze them to pierce forward of a competition.

Your wizard’s career is yours to control.

A New Genesis Awaits

Before attention monsters like Blizzard used their mainstream entrance to expel a shade on a online trade label market, Everdreamsoft was a dignitary in mobile TCGs.

SoG is another jump for TCGs, discerning gameplay and a flourishing practical economy. The diversion is still in a BETA stages, though they’re already expelled 50 singular cards into a blockchain.

The devise is a final product for a players combined with a players, and might a many absolute sorceress win.

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