Six of a “20 Coolest Arcades in a World” are in Japan! Want to know what …

Mashable recently put out a neat list called ‘The 20 Coolest Arcades in a World’, and Tokyo took some-more spots than any other place! Well, we wouldn’t design anything reduction from a hearth of a video diversion industry, really.

Turns out though, Japanese netizens were a bit baffled by Mashable’s choices: “That’s cool??” they spluttered into their keyboards. “That’s not even an arcade!”

Topping a list during series 1 is Club Sega in Akihabara. The response from Japanese netizens: a common “meh”.

“Wha-? What’s so special about that Club Sega?”

Well…Akiba’s Club Sega is a landmark attraction – even among a stupidity of a electric skyline, it stands out. When we come out of a hire during a Electric Town exit, it’s slap crash in your face: a hulk red guide of geeky goodness, with 6 floors of feeling and information overload. It’s like someone grabbed we by a neck and screamed in your ear “YOU’RE IN JAPAN!!”

If you’re a traveller visiting Japan, we can see how Club Sega is a coolest arcade in a world. If you’re Japanese, well, we can see because it’s maybe not. “It’s full of freaks”, declares one commenter (bit harsh!) “At one point, we know they had a dirtiest toilets in a world!” adds another.

▼ Club Sega: still cool, right?


So what did a Japanese commentors consider should have been series 1? Readers were nonplussed that, notwithstanding a prevalence of Akihabara locations, there was one arcade that didn’t make a cut:

“I can’t trust HEY’s not on this list.”

“It’s uncanny they didn’t select HEY.”

“These days a usually place we go in Akiba is HEY.”

With wall-to-wall fighting games and a apart building specialising in fire ’em ups, Taito HEY (Hirose Entertainment Yard) is mostly described as a “gamers paradise”. Compared to Club Sega and Joypolis, though, it’s maybe not as obvious outward of Japan.

akiba_7MMCafe Arcade Guide

Japanese commentors also forked out that Joypolis and Super Potato aren’t indeed diversion centres – Joypolis being an entertainment park and Super Potato a retro diversion shop. They do both have arcades inside though, to be fair! Arcades in awesome-looking, crazy surroundings, no less.

“That’s not even an arcade! … She doesn’t even go here!”

You can review a full Mashable list here, and we’d adore to know what we think. Is Club Sega overrated? What do we make of a greeting from Japanese corners? Let us know in a comments!

Sources: Hachima Kikou, livedoor NEWS, Mashable, MMCafe Arcade Guide
Top image: Brownie Bites

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