Select Dying Light village maps to be done accessible on consoles

Techland will recover name village maps for Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition on consoles, a studio announced today.


The group will also be personification some of a “very best” user-created maps this Saturday live on Twitch. It kicks off during 10am PT/1pm ET/7pm UK.

“We pronounced on many opposite occasions how most we suffer personification maps combined by a fans, though now a time has come to uncover it,” pronounced village manager Michal Napora. “There’s so most accumulation and skill in there, even some-more so given we combined commune and PvP support.”

Techland will exhibit a extensive list and recover date of village maps for consoles during a after date.

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition launches Feb 9 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be accessible boxed and digital.

This chronicle contains a strange game, The Following, The Bozak Horde mode, Be a Zombie mode, Cuisine Cargo plea missions, a Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and all a calm updates expelled to date for $59.99.

Players who already have a bottom chronicle of a diversion will be means to buy The Following enlargement away as downloadable content.

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