'Rope Racers' Guide: How To Win Without Spending Any Money

we utterly enjoyed Rope Racers [Free] in my examination final week, and in fact I’m still personification any day. Flying by any turn around ropes and perplexing to kick 9 other people to a finish is impossibly fun, yet unfortunately a diversion has customarily about any free-to-play automechanic we can consider of. There’s a container machine, dual currencies, a stamina meter, and several other timers. It’s distant from a misfortune I’ve seen, yet it can bushel your swell if you’re not careful. Fortunately, we managed to clear all 20 leagues and many of a characters given it came out, and I’ve gathered some of a tips and tricks we used below.

Rope Racers

Rope Racers


  • Swinging is all about momentum, so once we get going don’t let anything stop you. Obviously we should try not to strike pinball bumpers and lava, yet also be clever not to strike ceilings and floors. You wish to a smoothest “line” by any turn as possible.
  • And vocalization of levels, many of them have shortcuts–a few of that are roughly guaranteed to get we initial place if you’re flattering clever by a rest of a level. It’s customarily a good thought to try any new turn we come opposite to see what a best trail is yet worrying about a racing during first. This can make a vast disproportion in a prolonged run.
  • One rather specific technique for removing a good time is to whip yourself out of blue shafts. Many of a levels have them, and they’re designed to lift we adult and fire we into a subsequent area of a level. Most people simply float them out, yet if we offshoot your wire to a inside wall customarily before exiting, you’ll pitch over a tip with tons of speed. And don’t forget to let go during a final second!
  • Finally, omit your run stat. we mean, sure, it’s good if we have a impression who can run fast when we tumble or get stranded somewhere, yet it’s far some-more critical to customarily use avoiding situations where we have to run. In other words, take to a skies and don’t demeanour down.



There are 30 opposite characters in Rope Racers, and any has several upgraded versions that change their entrance and stats. Each also has a star rating to uncover a monument and level, with 10 common (one star) characters, 8 uncommons (two stars), 5 rares (three stars), 4 epics (four stars), and 3 legendaries (five stars). Each impression also has 3 additional stars that can be combined to a strange volume to uncover your character’s appetite after upgrades.

These upgrades typically supplement adult to 4 stat points, widespread opposite Weight, Running, and Swinging. The prices for these upgrades competence seem somewhat vast during first, yet trust me–if we hang with a game, you’ll be earning way some-more than we can presumably spend eventually. Interestingly, I’ve overtly never been means to tell a disproportion between a bottom impression and a upgraded version, as they all seem to feel flattering many a same. It’s still value it, though, customarily to see a approach a characters’ appearances changes (and for a additional stars–you’ll see given soon!).

New characters are performed by a container machine, with common characters being a easiest and legendaries being a many formidable (as you’d expect). Luckily, given there are customarily 30 characters total, you’ll shortly run out of a some-more common ones and start removing rarer characters some-more often. You can also get a 5,000 silver container in a container machine, yet eventually you’ll get to a indicate where 5,000 is fundamentally zero and it customarily serves to delayed down a rate we collect epics and legendaries.



Rope Racers has dual categorical currencies: Coins and bucks. Coins are a game’s “soft currency” and are used on impression upgrades and competition entrance fees, while bucks–the “hard currency”–are for interacting with a free-to-play things like a container appurtenance and stamina timer.

You benefit coins by winning races (and spasmodic by a container machine, as remarkable earlier). The volume we acquire for a initial place win is always double a volume of a entrance fee, that fundamentally means your net benefit will be half of what it says. For second place a volume won is less, and for third place you’re fundamentally customarily earning behind what we paid to enter. If we place outward of a tip 3 you’re losing money, that doesn’t feel great.

Luckily, any time we collect or ascent a character, those new stars go toward a commission boost in your wins. For example, if we start with a three-star impression and ascent it 3 times, you’ll be removing a 9% boost in a coins we win! One of a best tips we can give is to always ascent your new characters as many as we can afford, given those additional stars meant some-more income later. (After collecting and upgrading many of a characters in a game, we now have a 126% boost in a coins we earn. Sweet!)

As for bucks, these are warranted 10 during a time by completing daily missions. These missions are customarily flattering easy to complete, like “connect X volume of ropes” or “win dual races in a row”. (Always modernise it when we have a option! Don’t get hung adult perplexing to finish a formidable design when we can simply get 3 some-more that are value a same amount.) There’s also a daily prerogative customarily for opening a app any 24 hours, and while a volume varies, we can always double it by examination a video ad. Finally, many levels have bucks floating in a atmosphere that can be collected.

The container appurtenance costs 100 bucks per spin, that sounds like a lot, yet I’ve been means to grasp during least one spin per day flattering consistently given day one. You can also spend bucks to refill a appetite timer, yet don’t do that. Why? Because:



Waiting is free! Don’t ever spend tough banking to refill a stamina or appetite timer in a free-to-play game. Hard currencies are customarily utterly singular (comparatively), and chucking them during timers is a illusory approach to totally run out and be left with nothing.

Rope Racers’ appetite timer consists of 15 bolts of electricity, and it costs one to play a race. That competence seem like a lot of appetite to play with, yet it runs out many quicker than we consider deliberation any competition is customarily about 30 seconds long. It takes 10 mins to refill any bolt, too, so we could be watchful adult to dual and a half hours to fill it completely.

The best recommendation we can give for traffic with a appetite timer is to customarily find another diversion and play that for a while. If this is your initial time to Touch Arcade, competence we advise perusing our implausible forum community for diversion recommendations?


I customarily don’t play a lot of a games we examination for really prolonged after a examination goes adult (even if we like them!), given there are customarily too many on a App Store, with tons some-more entrance roughly any day. Despite that, Rope Racers has managed to make a approach into my daily revolution for weeks now. It’s super fun and impossibly compulsive, even yet it has scarcely any free-to-play complement we can consider of. Hopefully this beam will assistance we know how those complement work and–more importantly–how to use them well to get some-more crash for your practical buck. Happy swinging!

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