Phil Tippett & HappyGiant Launch AR Game Kickstarter


Two-time Academy Award-winning visible effects administrator and executive Phil Tippett  — whose credits embody a strange Star Wars films and The Force Awakens, Jurassic Park, RoboCop and some-more — and indie videogame developer-publisher HappyGiant have launched a Kickstarter debate for HoloGrid: Monster Battle, a new hybrid house game, collectible label diversion and digital protracted existence diversion (named Best Technology of PAXEast 2016 by

“For years I’ve been creation monsters for directors to play with, and now, for a initial time, I’m beast for you to play with,” pronounced Tippett. “We’re vehement about a new fields of protracted and practical reality, and to be operative with a friends during HappyGiant to emanate HoloGrid: Monster Battle.”

HoloGrid: Monster Battle has identical gameplay to collectible label games like Magic: The Gathering, though uses earthy personification cards to trigger AR creatures and a gameboard. Players can go head-to-head locally or remotely, and offline play is probable as good with a earthy board. HoloGrid is being built for subsequent gen AR and VR platforms, though will have a rough mobile device release. Tippett’s hand-crafted monsters are scanned into a diversion regulating Photogrammetry to emanate rarely minute 3D characters who come to life before players’ eyes.

And if this all seems vaguely familiar, you’re not devising it: Tippett combined a iconic “Holo Chess” stage in a strange Star Wars, that he recreated for The Force Awakens. Learn some-more during

HoloGrid: Monster Battle

HoloGrid: Monster Battle

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