Pax East Weekend Finished: An Accident and 'Brianna Wu' Issue Swirled Around Most Awaited Gaming Festival?

  • 505 Games PAX East Mar Double Feature Event
  • Reporters examination a trailer of ‘Adrift’ during a NYC PAX East Convention final year.
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Penny Arcade’s PAX East gaming festival recently wrapped adult this weekend in Boston. Thousands of gamers from all over a universe group to meet, contest and even preview unreleased video games in this highly-anticipated event. However, this year’s ‘PAX East’ gaming festival dealt once again with repeated issues on controversial confidence and an collision as it closed.

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Brianna Wu, a video diversion engineer of Arlington and owners of Giant Spacekat, motionless once again to skip a event. As reported by Metro, “Wu asserts that PAX’s organizers – makers of a web comic called Penny Arcade – didn’t do adequate to strech out to her and devise for confidence measures and other accommodations.”

It was formerly reported by Metro that Wu and Giant Spacekat employees were subjected to online nuisance over a “role of women who make, play and write about games.” A transformation called #GamerGate actively deserted Wu’s call for gender inclusivity in games and in turn, perceived 300 genocide threats from a community. Despite that, Wu stays certain that subsequent year’s ‘PAX East’ will be different.

‘PAX East’ also took another wrong spin when a Blizzard’s Overwatch Ford F650 Supertruck hits an Uber Car. According to Kotaku, both cars were consecrated by ‘PAX East’ to ride players from their hotels to a venue. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was initial to a stage and started to twitter about it. Luckily, no one was harmed and they have another Supertruck to chaperon a gamers in transit.

Despite a controversies, a Associated Press reported that Robert Khoo, boss of Penny Arcade believes that ‘PAX East’ is still “like a Woodstock for gamers…It’s some-more than only about games; it’s about a enlightenment that surrounds it.” Virtual Reality Technology was a theme of fans’ soap-box during a event. More companies motionless to deposit on new gaming headsets to make a knowledge some-more picturesque and authentic for a players.

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