Nintendo NX: Nvidia Is Involved With The Console's Future – Rumor

The tract thickens.

nintendo nx

The stream console marketplace is dominated wholly by AMD- they are, after all, a chipmaker who yield a hardware that powers a Xbox One, a PS4, and a Wii U. Nvidia, by contrast, have never finished good with a console market- a strange Xbox was formed on their hardware, yet things got nauseous between them and Microsoft, heading to Microsoft being forced to rush out a Xbox 360 forward of time (fun fact- a rushed report as a outcome was what caused a RRoD fiasco).

Meanwhile, with Sony, Nvidia was concerned with a PS3, heading to one of a many infamously formidable consoles of all time to work with. And with Nintendo, Nvidia were concerned in a early stages of a Nintendo 3DS, a understanding that fell apart, heading to Nintendo going with their current, tradition design.

In short, Nvidia don’t have a best lane record with consoles, and they haven’t accurately endeared themselves in any of a Big Three’s books- and yet, it seems as yet for a Nintendo NX, Nintendo might be creation a purify mangle from AMD, who have powered all of their consoles given a Gamecube, and partnering with Nvidia instead.

According to NeoGAF print NateDrake, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers has reliable that Nvidia is concerned with a destiny of a NX in some way- this was as specific as she would get, so it’s tough to extrapolate any some-more information from a statement. But if this is true, afterwards it would be engaging to see how Nvidia will partner with Nintendo on a new system- generally given a latest rumors brace a NX to be a rather diseased machine, and Nvidia is traditionally all about providing a top finish opening possible.

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