Next Xbox One Update Includes Cortana Support, Game Collection Changes, and More

Microsoft currently announced specifics about what’s in a subsequent refurbish for a Xbox One and a Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs. One of a biggest new facilities is a introduction of Cortana, that is Microsoft’s Siri-like digital partner formed on a Halo impression of a same name.

Voice commands for Cortana will work by approach of headsets and Kinect. You can ask her to assistance we find new games, check out what your friends are doing, or start a party, among other things. When a refurbish goes live, we will be means to contend “Hey Cortana” to get started or navigate to a app itself.

Xbox One owners might also be happy to learn that a new refurbish will change a Game Collection interface with a aim of creation it “faster and easier” to find and launch games. With a refurbish applied, we will be means to see some-more of your Game Collection and have quicker entrance to a “Ready to Install” tab.

These are only dual of a new facilities entrance with a update. Below is a outline of all else it adds and changes, with descriptions pleasantness of Microsoft.

This refurbish is approaching to launch after this week for Xbox One Preview Program members and best testers on PC. A recover for everybody else will follow later, someday in a summer, that strictly starts on Jun 20.

There will be a second refurbish entrance out this summer, too, Xbox engineering trainer Mike Ybarra pronounced on a Xbox Wire. This one could be a Anniversary refurbish that includes credentials song support and turns any Xbox One into a growth kit.

Because Microsoft is focusing “all [its] efforts on a subsequent dual updates,” there will not be a new refurbish entrance out in a destiny on a standard monthly schedule, Ybarra said.

For a closer demeanour during a latest Xbox One update, check out a central patch records below, as good as a video above. There is also a gallery of images embedded in this post that showcase some of a new facilities and more.

Xbox One/PC Update Details:

Facebook Friend Finder on Xbox One: Facebook Friend Finder is expanding from a Xbox app to Xbox One and is a good approach to find and supplement your Facebook friends on Xbox. As some-more gamers couple their Facebook and Xbox Live accounts, you’ll start saying some-more suggestions for Facebook friends to supplement and diversion with on Xbox Live.

Improved pity on Xbox One: We’ve done it easier to share your screenshots, GameDVR clips, and achievements on Xbox One. Gamers can now share their many epic clips and captures with a village in fewer steps.

More personal Activity Feed: Being means to select what’s posted to your Activity Feed opposite Xbox One and a Xbox app is a large fan-requested feature. With a new settings, we can now confirm what will get automatically common to your feed. You can now also qualification a ideal Activity Feed posts. At a tip of your Activity Feed, simply entrance and select from recently unbarred achievements and captures, preview what your post would demeanour like, and afterwards share your biggest gaming moments.

Xbox and Windows Store convergence: We’re starting to mix a best of a Xbox Store and Windows Store to give gamers a singular cohesive knowledge opposite their devices. On Xbox One, we’ve streamlined a selling knowledge to assistance we find a games we adore faster and during a best prices. You’ll be means to filter, crop and hunt formula by genre, review reviews created by associate gamers–including those voted ‘most helpful’ by a Xbox Live community, simply commend what titles are on sale with strikethrough pricing in lists, and more. We’ve also combined several new channels to assistance we learn a calm we adore even faster. On a Windows Store, we’re adding support so gamers can crop and squeeze bundles, episodic games, deteriorate passes, practical banking and other diversion add-ons and DLC.

Top PC games uncover adult on Xbox Live: We’re bringing a tip PC games like League of Legends and XCOM 2 together with a Xbox Live community. Meaning, your favorite PC games will have their possess Game Hubs on Xbox Live. Whether you’re on your PC, Xbox, or mobile phone, you’ll be means to see what PC games your friends are playing, share your possess PC gaming clips and screenshots with a community, and summary your friends on Xbox Live. On both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, you’ll also be means to celebration discuss with your friends no matter what they’re doing.

Xbox app and Windows 10 gaming

  • Edit and share GameDVR clips on any video editor: Create that ideal gaming montage with your favorite video editor with clips we available on possibly Xbox One or your PC. Once you’re finished editing, you’ll be means to upload a shave behind to Xbox Live by a Xbox app.
  • Updated GameDVR management: You can now conduct your captures true from your profile. This new end allows we to share, start your possess uploads, and see swell in a queue.
  • 60 fps diversion shave recording with a Game bar: Using a new “Very High” video peculiarity environment in a Xbox app, we will be means to record your diversion clips in adult to 60 frames per second (in further to 30 frames per second) easily, all from a Game bar (Windows + G).
  • Share to Twitter from Xbox app: In a Xbox app, you’ll be means to share diversion clips and screenshots from Xbox Live to Twitter by a pity options on any capture.
  • Windows Game bar softened full-screen support: One of a many common requests we see for a Windows 10 GameDVR underline is a ability to use a Windows Game bar with some-more games using in full-screen. We’ve combined support for 6 additional games in full-screen mode with Windows diversion bar: League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, Battlefield 4, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Diablo III. With those games, we can now use Windows + G to move adult a Windows Game bar when a diversion is using full-screen.

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