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Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV is now accessible to buy, nonetheless for dual years heading adult to a release, a news indent ran amuck with reports and conjecture about what a set-top box competence feature.

To assistance we navigate what’s going on with Apple’s hobby device, we’ve dull adult all we need to know. We’ve enclosed sum about a new Apple TV, as good as the aged (third-generation) model, that launched in 2013, and all a rumours that flush before to this latest box. By a time you’re finished reading this piece, you’ll know all there is to know (and what might’ve been) in regards to Apple TV.


Apple denounced a new Apple TV during a iPhone 6S event in September. That device is now accessible to buy. It looks a lot like a aged Apple TV, nonetheless bigger. It’s mostly opposite in that it has a new handling system, Siri-backed concept voice hunt feature, and an app store that offers not usually apps nonetheless also games. It even comes with a touch- and motion-sensitive remote.

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Also, for some-more information on a new Apple TV (2015), check out a comparison guide, below, in that we explain all a differences between a new box and a aged one that expelled some-more than dual years ago.


The new Apple TV became accessible for preorder on 26 Oct nonetheless it is now accessible and prepared to buy. You can sequence a new Apple TV from a UK Apple Store here and a US Apple Store here.  Both offer giveaway delivery.

The new Apple TV should be dispatched within one business day. Also, in a US, the Apple TV is accessible in Apple sell stores from 30 October, with Best Buy and Target also carrying singular batch available. In a UK, a new Apple TV costs £129 for a 32GB indication and £169 for a 64GB version. In a US, a new Apple TV costs $149 for a 32GB indication and $199 for a 64GB version.

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After Apple launched the third-generation Apple TV in 2013, about 1,300 days went by before Apple astounded with a fourth-generation Apple TV during a iPhone 6S eventuality in September. And there was a 553-day space between a second-generation Apple TV and a third-generation Apple TV, so, in other words, many fans were used to watchful on Apple to refurbish a hobby device. 

That’s not to contend a association has abandoned a set-top box over a years, carrying increased functionality by calm offerings and firmware improvements, nonetheless a third-generation pack really fell behind rivals in specifications. Content deals are one thing, nonetheless palliate and speed of use on some-more new inclination like a Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Roku boxes positively stirred a new plan.

Priced during £59 ($69) now ($99 then), a third-generation Apple TV initial expelled in Mar 2012, with 1080p video support and redesigned software, nonetheless this box perceived a teenager refurbish in Jan 2013, adding a smaller A5 chip nonetheless withdrawal core functionality untouched. It was still a black box (measuring 22.9 x 99.1 x 99.1mm), and it usually came with an aluminium remote and energy lead.

With 0 buttons and usually a singular standing light on a front, a third-generation Apple TV was simply designed and had to be controlled around its aluminium remote or Remote app. Around a behind of a device were  ports for joining it to your TV. You’d see energy in, HDMI out, visual audio out, Ethernet, and a Micro-USB socket. You connected it to your network around wireless 802.11b/g/n.

The set-top box featured an A5 processor, a 32-bit system-on-a-chip designed by Apple and done by Samsung. It was a inheritor to a A4 (debuted in 2011 with a recover of iPad 2). The chip’s aging capabilities were many conspicuous when Apple expelled new program for Apple TV alongside a launch of iOS 8. It done the box’s interface line adult with the demeanour of iOS 7.

It wasn’t a thespian overhaul, nonetheless some rectilinear tiles, such as Movies, TV, Shows, etc, were changed to demeanour brightly-coloured and flat. The tiles served as app-like buttons or channels to Apple’s streaming services, including iTunes Radio, iMovie Theatre, and third-party services like Netflix and HBO Go. The new program also brought iOS’ primary typeface: Helvetica Neue. 

In offer to personification movies, music, podcasts, and radio shows by iTunes and third-party channels, a third-generation Apple TV upheld AirPlay, permitting iOS inclination and computers regulating iTunes to send streaming song to a television, as good as several facilities that were built into iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, like Family Sharing and iCloud Photo Support.

Oh, and if we were wondering, we can still buy a old Apple TV (2013) for $69 from Apple.


Apple has already denounced and launched a new Apple TV (2015), nonetheless if we wish to know what a news indent had to contend about a box for a dual years heading adult to a warn recover in October 2015, continue reading. We’ve enclosed all a vital reports, rumours, and conjecture surrounding a set-top box – even a things that didn’t finish adult entrance to fruition. 

You can also check out Pocket-lint’s Apple TV hub for some-more news stories. 


Citing sources tighten to Apple, App Advice pronounced in 2014 that a new Apple TV would look similar-yet-smaller than a 2013 model. Strangely, a website also pronounced it could take “visual cues from a Google’s Chromecast or Roku’s Streaming Stick, and simply insert to a television’s HDMI port”.

Other engaging pieces in App Advice’s news embody a branded diversion controller and a new remote control, and these latter rumours are presumably closer a symbol deliberation that “insiders” have told a New York Times that a subsequent Apple TV will be essentially Apple’s games console.


The news indent claimed a next-generation Apple TV will come with an all-new remote versed with a touchpad and microphone, and if that wasn’t enough, TechCrunch reported a remote would include sensors that allows it to detect suit and lane as it moves in mixed detections.

It indeed sounded a lot like a motion-sensitive remote that comes with Nintendo’s Wii console – another couple to Apple’s gaming ambitions, maybe – nonetheless that uses an IR sensor and it’s not transparent if Apple’s arriving Apple TV remote would rest on identical technology.

9to5Mac also said a new remote was coming, adding offer fuel to a fact that the new set-top box would come with a “more means and pleasing remote control” as good as a “redesigned handling complement bundled with an App Store”. The New York Times corroborated up claims of a new remote control, nonetheless saying that a new chronicle would be chunkier than a old remote given of an total hold panel.

Buzzfeed too pronounced that the new Apple TV would have a earthy remote that’s “drastically improved” by a touch-pad input. Buzzfeed also claimed a new Apple TV would get a “significant overhaul”. 9to5Mac then claimed prototypes of a new Apple TV were about “twice as large” as a 2013 Apple TV box, nonetheless a shipping product was expected to be significantly slimmer.

Speaking of a Apple TV’s remote control, an Apple apparent concentration (via AppleInsider) suggested a association was looking into ways of improving a Apple TV and iTunes desktop knowledge regulating iOS on a apart device. The apparent application, patrician “Browsing remote calm regulating a internal user interface,” described a mobile app that’s like a second shade for a connected media device.

That iOS-based remote was apparently opposite from a existing Remote app, that mimiced a hardware remote. The patent’s outline suggested iOS owners could use a stirring iOS remote to hunt a web for information, such as a name of a film they are watching, and afterwards they could arrangement that information on a large screen. 

Faster processor

Bloomberg claimed in 2014 that Apple’s fourth-generation set-top box competence underline a “faster processor”. It was misleading if that meant a subsequent Apple TV would boat with a A8, Apple’s 64-bit system-on-a-chip (which could be found in a iPhone 6) or a A9 chip (which was approaching to expostulate a new iPhone 6S). Buzzfeed predicted a former.

The site also claimed there would be an boost on a stream 8GB inner storage to accommodate apps, that done even some-more clarity deliberation a news around gaming.  In addition, if it did offer games to download and play, a faster processor seemed like an apparent choice. Keep in mind a A8 chip has plenty of game-centric facilities to make it viable too.

Plus, TechCrunch suggested that an A8-powered Apple TV would run some-more well than a iPhone 6, generally given it wouldn’t have to preserve battery like a phone. Apple also, supposedly, designed to once again renovate a Apple TV interface to go along with a forthing remote, and both total woukd presumably make it easier to navigate by libraries.

User interface

The arriving Apple TV, according to a news by Bloomberg from 2014, will underline an upgraded or revamped user interface. The new interface would make it easier users to “navigate between TV shows, movies, and other online content”. 9to5Mac and iLounge also pronounced a new Apple TV could underline uninformed forms of calm and an Apple-designed interface layered on top.

Cable and video content

Apple was rumoured to be be in contention with programme makers and channels in a US for roughly dual years, nonetheless we had still nonetheless to hear anything plain on a proposals to spin a subsequent Apple TV in an over-the-top wire TV alternative. Several services that offer live launched on a 2013 model, including Now TV in a UK, that has a preference of Sky and partner channels (Sky Sports and Sky Movies), nonetheless that’s only an app.

The same was loyal of HBO Now in a US. Both of those services are merely third-party portals, however. They were not directly associated to Apple’s possess radio subscription plans. Anyway, interjection to persisting negotiations with American broadcasters and channels, there wasn’t approaching to be many transformation in a live TV area until 2016. And positively not in time for a new Apple TV to launch.

You can examination an whole news round-up for Apple’s Apple TV calm deals/subscription use here.

App store

9to5Mac indicated that a subsequent Apple TV could have a possess fully-fledged App Store and a dedicated Game Store.

The tech blog formerly claimed Apple was operative toward vouchsafing calm providers make their possess channels/apps, and it was attempting to streamline a app growth routine by creation it easier for partners to build them. Rumors of an App Store have continued ever given TechCrunch’s MG Siegler hinted in Feb 2013 that an App Store competence be Apple’s subsequent pierce as it aims to tackle vital room.

There’s not been many else pronounced on a subject of an Apple TV App Store, though.

Gaming support

As formerly settled elsewhere, a subsequent Apple TV was heavily sloping to move gaming support, permitting a set-top box to double as a vital room gaming console. iLounge reported as early as in 2014 that “developers are now operative on Bluetooth controller options, and it’s approaching that games could be downloaded directly to a Apple TV rather than relying on another iOS device as an intermediary”.

9to5Mac total to iLounge’s report, claiming a next-generation Apple TV could underline a Game Store during launch that lets users download games directly to their Apple TV. It was misleading how games would be stored locally on a Apple TV. Although, it was suspicion that Apple could just use iCloud as a categorical storage trickery for Apple TV games – during a really least, to save files.

App Advice, that cited sources tighten to Apple, pronounced a subsequent Apple TV would exclusively concentration on being a gaming console. Specifically, Apple was “putting a finishing touches on a new digital marketplace that looks really identical to a App Store”. The digital marketplace is for Apple TV games and apps. The new Apple TV was also suspicion to boat with a branded diversion controller.

Most recently, the New York Times also confirmed the next-generation Apple TV would support gaming. 

TV tuner and wireless router

There were several rumours a while behind about Apple allegedly wanting to take a Apple TV set-top box a step offer than being a height that simply delivers calm from iTunes, Netflix, etc. 9to5Mac reported that Apple was contrast a built-in TV tuner that would concede users to control their existent wire boxes with an Apple-designed user-interface layered on top.

A identical underline is found on a Xbox One. But given 2014, we hadn’t listened any some-more news about a Apple TV including a TV tuner, and we severely doubted it would be partial of a new box’s launch. That said, 9to5Mac’s built-in TV tuner news also claimed that a fourth-generation Apple TV could come with a built-in AirPort Express, that is somewhat some-more convincing.

Apart from expelling a need for a apart wireless router, we figured integrating 802.11ac into a Apple TV competence urge video peculiarity and stability. Such a feature could be a reward choice that costs extra, though.

Apple Watch

Apple wanted to make a first-generation Apple Watch a “primary submit device” for a new Apple TV, according to 9to5Mac. We’re presumption that meant you’d be means to control a Apple TV with a Apple Watch.

Home automation

HomeKit support was sensitively total to a Apple TV when iOS 8.1 and Apple TV 7.0.1 rolled out. Some reports therefore claimed a subsequent Apple TV would offer as a intelligent heart of sorts, identical to how Google is positioning a Nest intelligent thermostat to be a control center.

But that’s not a full story: it seemed as nonetheless you’d expected use Siri by Apple TV to control your HomeKit-compatible devices. Apple TV woudn’t be compulsory to control HomeKit in general, though. Apple told ArsTechnica that a stream Apple TV would be means to act as an intermediary, vouchsafing we emanate Siri voice commands to your home indoors or from a remote location.

In other words, a subsequent Apple TV wouldn’t really be a intelligent heart that’ll tie your HomeKit inclination together nonetheless rather an entrance indicate to your internal network. The set-top box has been enabled to pass commands to HomeKit inclination for you, nonetheless your HomeKit inclination and Apple TV will need to be sealed in to a same Apple ID for such functionality to work.

Keep in mind, as of Sep 2015, HomeKit had nonetheless to be entirely activated or “launched” by Apple. HomeKit debuted with iOS 8.

AppleImage 2015-10-30 during 12.18.48 PM

Check out Pocket-lint’s Apple TV hub for a latest developments. You will find a first impressions with a new Apple TV, along with a run down of what a box does and a full examination will also be accessible soon.

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