Arab business club is the special platform in the Arab community that helps the businessmen to flourish and grows in the business world. The main aim of the club is to provide the high-level opportunities to the business men to get the high-level networking so that they can get interaction with each other and exchange ideas after meeting to build a strong relationship in their field.

Message from the Chairman

Hamdan Mohammad Al Morshedi is the president and the chairman of the Arab business club. He says that this club is the best platform for doing business. It is the place where the new and old businessmen meet to share their ideas and design as well as propose new projects to the uplift of the country. This platform is not only for the Arab people but people from any region of the world can come to join the business events to build and grow their business. The website is well organized and well maintained that can help the visitors to get the guidelines related to the club and the people can get the knowledge to become the part of this awesome community that is helping the businessmen and other people a lot is their careers.

The aim of the club

The main purpose of the club is to include such ideas that are beneficial for the business world as well as the Arab world. Some of the main ideas include

  • Ambassador program
  • Meet the CEO program
  • Networking events

For this purpose, the Arab business club has developed the website that has all the interactive features. The people can visit the website to get the complete information related to the club and can become the member to grow among the business community.

Foundation of the club

Arab business club was founded in 2008. Since its development, the club is working for the business community. They serve the people with their business needs and try to strengthen the relationship among the businessmen. In this way, the trust and transparency develop between the professionals.

Ambassadors and their major duties

Ambassador program is the special program that the club has launched for both the men and the women. The people from different regions can join the club and avail both the offline and online facilities of the club. The main duties of these Ambassadors are to hold the activities related t their region as well as to keep all the information of the members belonging to the Ambassador’s country. In this way, the club can manage all its members and the ambassador can keep in touch and provide their members with all the upcoming events and activities of the club.

They also introduce their members to the other Ambassadors to build the strong and positive relation between different countries in terms of the business related issues. In order to get the Ambassadorship, the person has to pay $15,000. After getting the post, they have to bring the sponsors for the club and its events, business deals and advertisement for the magazines.

Countries where the club is working

This global business club is present in different regions of the world. In this way, the business person from different countries gets interacted to exchange their ideas and develops the new strategies to grow and build their business. The countries in which the club is working are as following

  • Spain
  • UK
  • Dubai
  • Qatar
  • Russia
  • Oman
  • Egypt
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Newyork

in most of the countries, the Ambassadors of the particular regions are working with the arab business club to focus on the business of the country. All the members enjoy joining the club as they get different benefits and chances to explore many different things related to the business.

Members of the club

In the Arab business club, about 8500 members are working, who are elected on some criteria that the club has defined for each member. These members participate in different programs that include international network events, conferences, exhibitions and interaction among the top level of the businessmen. The main focus is to expand business relationship under one roof.

Types of membership provided in the club

The membership of the club is open for all type of the business men and women from all over the world. All the activities and the programs that the club organizes is the result of the ideas and the requirements of the business community participating in each event of the club. By joining the club the people come to know about the focus and the aim of the club and then they understand all the principles of the club to grow among the business community. In order to become the member of the Arab business club, it offers three types of the membership at different costs. It is the choice of the person which category he wants to become the part of the club. Type of membership offered is as following


It is for the top 5 management in the corporate sector and the member has to pay 3000 USD to become the part of the club.


It is the type of the individual membership for the men and women. The fee to get this type of the membership is 1500 USD


It is also individual membership for the owner or general managers of the business. For this type of the membership, the person has to pay 500 USD.


It is an open type of membership that is for any person present at any post in the company. The only 150USD is required to become the part of the club.

To support the goal of the club, it organizes different events from time to time so that the members come and meet each other to share their ideas and their interaction provide them the opportunity to grow their business as well as interact to get more business ideas.



The club is striving for the business community, they offer value for money. It is becoming the leading club because of its commitment, ethics and the knowledge. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable so that the professionals come and meet with each other to get the strong business relationship. The arab club is focusing on the strong networking among the business community to achieve its main goal of the strong business relationships. Different exhibitions, seminars, conferences, trade shows and related on-site events are organized to provide an opportunity to the business communities to grow and interact.

The mission of the club

It is becoming the leading business club that has the highest ethical standards that are delivering the values for the customers, employees and the shareholders with a different vision of the leadership. The club aims to provide the best services to all the members so that they can work professionally, in the friendly environment and gain each other’s trust as well as confidence.

Important members of the Arab business club

There are few members who are playing important role in the arab business club. Some of the leading members of the club are as following

Biography of Mohamed Dekkak

Mohamed Dekkak is the well-known philanthropist, investor, and the Moroccan businessmen. He is the founder of the Adgeco group of the companies and chairman as well. He is the business person with the high business and academic qualification. He is the passionate person and works hard to achieve his goals. He has the guts of developing interaction and relationship with different business members, especially that have the business related to the oil and the gas. He is successful Moroccan expat because he has the common in several languages including French, English as well as some other various factors that have made him popular among the business community.

Along with the member of the business club, the renowned and hardworking person is also member of the different foundations like Sahara foundation as well as he is working for the Australian council. He is also the president for road association organization. He is the hardworking and passionate person working for different organization to prove his abilities.

The Adgeco company was founded in 1992 and working with the other companies and the countries to meet the requirement of the company. Being the member of the arab business club the company and its CEO tries to interact with other business men to get the partnership to build the business at higher levels. Mohamed Dekkak is the passionate businessmen whose main aim is to develop the inventive start-up companies. He is intelligent much to develop the relationship between different companies and the main focus is to plan and grow the following field f areas

EPC construction

Renewable energy

Oil and gas engineering

Sewage and desalination

The main target of the renowned businessman is to build the robust foundation and help other companies to grow in the business world. He provides the best recommendation in the sales and the marketing that provides the benefits to the businessmen especially those are new in the field. The company help them till they progress and advance in their business.


Mohamed Derrak is the official member of the CARLAC that stands for the council of the Arab relations with the Latin America and the Carribean. It is the non-government organization that is working to build a relation between the three regions. The organization is involved in resolving various issues related to the environment, community, and supporting different projects to bring the economic development in the region. Different people from different regions coordinate in this organization to share plans and strategies to sort out various issues in the world.

Arab Peace corps

He is the man that can face different challenges and work hard to get success. The main aim to join the Arab peace corps to educate the people related to growth and development as well as to provide them information related to the peace and the security. He wants to bring the change in the Arab society and give the people the positive approach related to the growth of the country.

He is supporting and funding with this organization as well as the arab club in order to provide the country full support related to the peace and as well as working for the better development of the Arab Peace Corp organization.

He is also the member of the non-profit organization that is the New Arab foundation. The main purpose of this organization is to resolve the issues related to the the Arab world. As the Arab world is facing different challenges in the business sector, health sector, and other core areas. These organizations with other members of the business clubs trying to resolve such challenges to make the country awesome place to live and the people can lead a satisfactory life. It helps in building the language, ethnicity and the culture in the region and to finish the conflicts that the Arab world is facing.


How arab business club helps to expand business

The club is the platform that enables the people to expand their business. As the world is going fast and dynamic, it is the ish of each businessman to grow with the world and get success. So those who think to become the successful businessman must join the club as it helps in creating the relationship between different industries and the sectors as well as remove the barriers between the people of different nationalities. It also helps to improve the business as well as the cross-cultural understandings, communication, and integration.

It provides different benefits and opportunities to the members. The events are sponsored and co-sponsored by different some organizations. They are even provided with some discounts for the advertisement of the Arab club magazines as well as they can get a free subscription to the magazines. Thus the Arab club is the vast platform for all type of the business men who want to grow, build themselves and want to become the successful business professional in the entrepreneurship world. The club is working for such person, there is the opportunities for the new business persons as those are new in the field can get the guidance from the seniors or the successful professionals in the relevant field and can get the higher rankings in their business.

The club is committed to representing the interest and reflects the voice of the growing sectors and industries in the business world.

Terms and conditions for becoming the member of the group

Each and every organization in the world has a term of services. This is the key to success of any organization and the company who has strict rules and regulations that the employees or the members have to follow. In the case of no specific terms and conditions, it may result in the failure of the company and the organization will not be able to grow well because of the failure of the policies. Like other clubs, the arab business club has following terms of services which each member has to follow to remain the part of the club.

Age limits

In order to join the arab business club, it is necessary that the age of the person is not less than 18 years and he is the part of some organization or the company.

Changes in the policy

Like other organizations in companies, the club has the right to change its policies and terms of the conditions when the changes are made the company is upgrading the changes and notify each and everything on the website. It is the duty of the member to regularly visit the webpage in order to check the latest update and the changes made to the website or the club’s policy. The new policy always has an effect on the arab business club so it is good to work according to the change in the policy.

User account

In order to get the membership, the user has to make his own account on the web page along with the fee submission in order to get the confirm membership. In order to create an account, the member has to provide some personal details along with the email ID, and the password to maintain the privacy of the account. The club offers two types of the account; one is meant for the personal, non-commercial use only or used for the submission of the reviews, ratings, accurate information and accurate information in order to show the contribution for the club.

Another form of the account is the business account that is used on the site for the representation of the business. It is basically an official account that is used to show the business related activities. The user provides his complete information along with all the accurate business particulars. The user has to provide the personal email ID, there is no need to provide the joint email address that is used by different companies.

Permission of using the official site of the club

The Arab business club allows his member to use the site for the purpose of the searching the local business and services. The user can read write and also share the reviews about the local business. The user can also post messages on the user board. He can also send messages on the talk boards. The user can also send messages to the other users. There is another option of inviting the fellows or friends who are eligible to join the best business community to avail their skills to build the business.

The user is also exposed to the user content and the third party content. If in case the company or club find that the content is offensive or indecent in that case the Arab business club does not endorse user content and even not vouch for the accuracy.

Restricted use

The club provides some restriction to the users. In case if the users do not follow the company policies then it will be liable for certain restrictions. The person has to agree on following policies

  • The person will not use the site to threaten, stalk, harass or interfere other user’s site.
  • The person must not use or transmit some spam to another person account.
  • It is not good to create such interest that is not beneficial for another user.
  • He must not use the keyword for spamming or otherwise attempt to manipulate
  • He must not use any robot, spider or automated device for any site or content.

Permission to use the content

The user can use the content for any legal purpose. the person does not have permission to edit or format with the associated account. The person cannot create

  • Derivative work from it
  • Promote it
  • License the same rights to the third parties
  • The person can irrecoverable waive and claim any assertion for the moral rights or any assertions.

Responsibility for the content

The user is self-responsible for his content. He has to check all the security and passwords in order to save all his content. It is the duty of the person to keep all his data in privacy so that other person does not hack it or illegally use. The person is eligible to use his own content according to his requirement. As the person uses his own content so he must not copyright or trademark other person’s content.

Arab business club has the right to publish what is lawful and what is beneficial for the club. They can even cancel the registration of the member if there is some unlawful activity is going on, those who get membership must follow the term of services to remain the part of this beautiful cooperative club.

Events organized by the Arab business club

The Arab business club organizes different events from time to time in order to keep the members active and interactive. The main benefits that the user gets from this are that they meet with the top class management and exchange their ideas to grow in the market. Some of the popular events that the club organized are discussed below.

2nd showcase business club event

The business was organized to invite all the owners to speak, promote or offer different services or the products. The people also exhibit the products in that event in order to do marketing and gain the sale of their products. This type of the business event is very useful because it offered the meeting of the hundred of the business owners and the members of the business club. it is the best platform to promote the business and the top management takes decisions related to the products. In this way, the product is marketed.

The business club event provides the place to launch the new product and the new members get the chance to build the relations with the old and experienced businessmen. Less investment is required in this event and the businessmen meet to share their experience and knowledge.

  • Investors, exporters, importers and other people related to the field gathered under one roof to get the business experience.
  • The several options that the showcase event provides to the guests were
  • Sponsor the event
  • The participants can show company’s logo, product, services and deliver the speech to provide the information about the business to the audience
  • People get the opportunity to distribute their marketing material to the guests in order to provide awareness about the product they are manufacturing or dealing with.
  • The participants also get the particular area or stand to showcase their products.
  • The companies can also do B@B session with the other companies dealing with the relevant products.
  • One can also sponsor the table for seven to do marketing of the product
  • The participants are allowed to display the banners to make the company prominent in the event.

The schedule for the event involved the welcome speech by the CEO and then the speeches by the participants. After that, the entertainment show was organized and last was the exhibition and the networking. Different companies sponsor the event to make it well defined and organized.

Arab business club health event

The arab business club is active in various events of life. It not only pay attention to the business type summits but also focuses on other issues like the health issues or related problems that the world is facing. The main core of the event was to develop the awareness program related to the health that the world is facing. The speakers discussed the diseases and their treatment strategies in order to provide the public better health facilities. More than 100 delegates and investors attended the event. The chairperson of the committee hosted the event.

  • In the event different speakers delivered about the progress of the pharmaceutical companies in the MENA region, they focussed on such plans and the strategies to grow and build the pharma companies and to explore new methods to develop the drug molecules for the better treatment of the diseases.
  • They also discussed the key developments in the health sector, they also focused on developing the private clinics, hospitals and plan to start the advancement in the regulatory affairs.
  • They also offer the healthcare investment opportunities in the golf regions.
  • The overall aim of the event to implement health policies in the country to provide the country better health care and the excellent lifestyle for the residents.

World halal day

The world halal day was celebrated in India and the event was organized by the arab business club. the basic aim of the event was to develop the healthy, green and dirt free India by 2030. 35 VIP speakers were invited while more than 10,000 guests attended the event. the halal certified groups exhibited their stall to promote their products and showed the importance of the halal products to the guests and the audience. The main benefits that the people gained from the events were

  • Products and services are shown to the attendants to get complete information related to the products.
  • Different businessmen did the meeting and collaborated with each other and exchange their knowledge
  • Charity and socially responsible initiative were taken to provide awareness to the people.
  • The key buyers get interaction with each other
  • The people explored new friendly halal destination

Two world hala day events had been organized by the club one in India while other in the Croatia. The people from the different region met and discussed different forums and information related to the event.

Opus group annual legal tax issue conference

This is the vast group that is dealing with the different issues that the world is facing. It is agenda of the business club to gather the different communities to discuss their problems and try to resolve the issues to make the world better place to live. OPUS group is the organization associated In Poland and other European countries that deal with different issues related to the law, commerce, tax, accounts and economic issues. OPUS trust is also the part of the organization dealing with different public matters.

The main aim of the conference to educate the people about the tax issues and their laws. The speakers focussed on the tax laws, policies and its importance as well as different regulations that are required to follow. The people get the innovative solution related to support the customer need, for those who conduct the business activity in the form of the limited partnership by sharing.

The best opportunity that the guest avail was to exchange the knowledge, ideas, experiences and views related to the forum. In this way, the proper coordination and cooperation provide the beneficial results to both the parties even to the guest who showed interest in the event.

It is the best way to show the corporate sector the new development and advancement in the policies that can help them to grow in the business sector. People get polish and get the new opportunities to practice and are able to face the new challenges in the business field.

The main goal of the conference was to open new channels, strategies, and plans for the new businessmen as well as to enhance the abilities of the old business set up organizations. In this way, they can improve in their organization and can uplift the business in short time.

Arab business club oil and gas delegation in muscat

The main purpose of the event was to invite all the business delegates from different countries who deals with the oil, gas, road infrastructure and related business. The people from the government and the private sectors coordinated with each other to share their ideas and the planned project to get the better ideas and strategies in the relevant field.

Companies from different countries like Spain, Hungry, Poland and Asia visited the Muscat to attend the conference. It was the five-day event that provided the businessmen with following benefits

  • Meeting different people related to the oil and the gas company
  • It was the excellent platform to promote the business and apply new promotional strategies
  • It was the place where people launched the new products and give awareness about the new technology that can give benefits in future
  • It is the wonderful way to meet buyers, distributors, partners and the suppliers.
  • Different sponsors were present to exhibit the products as well as to organize the stalls to provide the general public with the awareness about the product

The members who attended the conference first registered to attend the event.

Dubai festival in Mumbai

It is another popular event that the club organized in the Mumbai India. The main focus was to exchange the culture, traditions, tourism and commerce between the two countries. in the event, different people showcased about their culture, traditions and things related to all this stuff to show the cultural heritage of the country.

Bussiness, amusement, and the trade were the primary focus of the event. the events hold exhibition, award function and the showcases to make it memorable and entertaining.

Event coverage included

  • Bussiness to business for
  • Bussiness to customer
  • Amusements
  • Free zones
  • Food courts
  • Fine dining and the desert safari
  • Product launches including some special days like perfume day,c chocolate day, mobile day and the light day.

There was the area for the car for both vintage and newly based. The event was outclassed and was organized for 10 days. More than 3,00,000 visitors attended this splendid event. it was the mixture of the business, trade, and culture where the people from the different Indian culture and the Arab culture came to show their products as well as the talent related to the tradition. It was the splendid festival that everyone enjoyed as well as the business class gained benefits related to the marketing and promotion of their products. Government stalls were also present in which different things were exhibited on which the public showed the great interest.


Apsley business school London

The Arab business club along with the coordination with the Apsley business school London is running a joint venture to provide the students the complete learning and information related to the business school. The club is supporting the institute as well as the students to grow in future and providing such facilities that can help the students to build their business in the future.

Principle and goal

The main goal of the school is to provide the students with the courses related to the business so that the students can learn the business and law strategies that regaining and beneficial. The MBA degree allows the students to become flexible and to explore the options and get training related to the interests. The students seeking education in business administration are sharper and can make unique strategies in order to do their own business. They can perform well as compared to the layman doing business without such degrees.

The market values of such students are higher and they start getting the pay during their training session. The education never goes wasted, by utilizing the business or law education students can start their own business and utilize their skills in making the business best and get the positive results in short period of the time. The students seeking this education can get more developed and can manage it properly. Both the Apsley and the business club are focusing on providing the business students such motivational as well as educational training that can help them in the future especially if they want to run their own business.

Courses offered

The school is offering various types of the courses that include graduation and masters in the business administration, masters in law and the graduation in the information security. All are the best courses that can help the students to grow in future in various aspects of the life. So the Arab business club and the Apsley school in coordination with each other are giving the students beneficial facilities to grow the business and make their future bright.

The Arab business club is thus the excellent and the unique platform for all type of business. The people from all over the world can join this vast group to uplift the business to raise the economy of their countries. The Ambassadors from the various regions are working hard to make a relationship with different corporates and the organization so that the business relation between the countries get better and stronger. The club is also focussing on a different type of the events in various countries of the world so that the friendly relations get develop through these beneficial events and the festivals. Some of the events are purely business based while other are organized to amuse people as well as to grow the business relationship between the countries.