Margin Makers: Guide to consoles merchandise

Console players are always penetrating on enhancing their gaming knowledge with a latest controller or a newest headset – and afterwards gloat about it on Reddit in an try to win a everlasting console war. 

Therefore, sell revolving around PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and Wii U to a obtuse extent) is always something retailers should keep an eye on.

Jonathan Rose, business expansion manager during Lime Distribution (specialist in gaming accessories for both consoles and PC) confirms: “As a games attention is now vacillating over earthy and digital games, a accessories marketplace has remained not usually fast though we are saying new accounts and expansion all a time.”

The ever-growing change of eSports is partly obliged for this evolution, he says. The accessories that perform a best during Lime Distribution are indeed those designed for professionnal gaming, such as KontrolFreek’s products. 

“eSports on console has remained a Call of Duty franchise, Halo, and to some border FIFA, exclusively on a turn where it would pull a masses,” Rose adds. “This hasn’t unequivocally altered for some time. But it’s illusory to see serve games being introduced that can extend that space for consoles such as Rocket League and a rarely expected Overwatch.”

But elementary accessories like cases or console skins are always a protected bet, too. And as we are removing closer to a launch of practical reality, a whole new marketplace is entrance to life for consoles.

“We are super vehement for VR and generally what accessories this will move to a market,” Rose says. “It’s another instance of how gaming and platforms will rise and develop, though accessories always sojourn applicable for improving opening and experiences.”

Gamers can now be stone stars too with this Band-in-a-Box bundle, that of march includes a duplicate of Harmonix’s Rock Band 4. The box contains a wireless guitar controller, a wireless drum kit, and a USB microphone. So apparently a rope will have to perform but a drum player. 

SRP: $249.99 (£176)

Manufacturer: PDP

Distributor: Exertis

Contact: 01279 822 822


The KontrolFreek signature collection aims during assisting console players to perform better. It facilities a garland of grips and thumbsticks for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers and, best of all, a T-shirt that is ‘super-soft’, according to KontrolFreek.

SRP: $56.99 (£40)

Manufacturer: Kontrol Freek

Distributor: Lime Distribution

Contact: 01622 845 161

Specifically designed for a PS4, this headset facilities a removable microphone.

SRP: £65

Manufacturer: PDP

Distributor: Exertis

Contact: 01279 822 822

Nintendo expelled this controller to arrive alongside a Pokémon fighting title.

SRP: £19.99

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Distributor: Open

Contact: 01753 483 700

Players can strengthen their console from dirt with this grand PlayStation 4 skin.

SRP: £9.99

Manufacturer: GamersGearEU

Distributor: Lime Distribution

Contact: 01622 845 161

Developed for eSports, this controller facilities 4 additional buttons that can be programmed.

SRP: £114.99

Manufacturer: Razer

Distributor: VIP Computers

Contact: 01925 286 900

A elementary see-through box that concede players to still admire their 3DS XL.

SRP: £9.99

Manufacturer: PowerA

Distributor: ILT Distribution

Contact: 0845 519 7053

This tote protects a handheld console and can store adult to 3 games.  

SRP: £11.61

Manufacturer: Hori

Distributor: Hori



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