Imam Consoles Jewish Community Over Murder of Ezra Schwartz

After Ezra Schwartz of Sharon, Massachusetts, was tragically killed on Friday in a West Bank apprehension attack, his Jewish village was heartbroken. Thousands collected during a wake for Schwartz, who in his 18 years did so most to lighten his community, and who died while spending a opening year in a nation that he loved, Israel, where he was study and volunteering. Many strangers who listened a news were also changed by his story.

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One merciful response came from what some competence cruise doubtful quarters. The Imam of Sharon, Massachusetts, sent a following minute of upraise to Schwartz’s family and Sharon’s Jewish community. Addressing it to “My Jewish Brothers and Sisters,” he quoted Psalms and finished with a normal Jewish condolences: “May God comfort we among a other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem,” transliterated from a Hebrew.

Image: Facebook

It was a intense and genuine gesticulate that did not feel forced or fake. Jewish amicable media users common a minute widely, many lauding a Muslim leader’s epistolary olive branch. If one good thing could come out of such a comfortless event, maybe it’s that these dual communities — Jewish and Muslim — have been brought somewhat closer together.

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