How To Set Up Twitter On Xbox

Most people do not know that they are able to connect the social media website Twitter to their Xbox. You can browse and use Twitter just like you would on a computer but on your Xbox. It is not too difficult to set up. It is actually kind of easier to scroll through Twitter on your Xbox because you have a remote control you can use to navigate where you need to and then afterwards when you are done you can directly play your game without having to move from your computer all the way to your Xbox to start it and play. The first thing you need to make sure you have is a wireless connection so you can actually access Twitter. If you have a wifi network when you are using your laptop, then you should be fine. If you do not have any wifi connection access, the Xbox will tell you that there is no connection available when you try to set up Twitter on your Xbox.

Make sure that when you first start up your Xbox that you are on the main page of the gaming system. Then go to the apps section at the top of the page. It might be a little hard to find this but it is located at the top corner typically. You will want to click on the apps marketplace next. Then, you will need to click the social option in order to have the options to pick from. Make sure you click the social option otherwise you can not find the Twitter option. After you lick the social tab, the social tab will have a lot of different social media sites that show up; make sure to scroll through them and find Twitter. Select the Twitter option.

If you are wanting to download any of those social media websites, then you just need to click on which one you want and wait for it to load. However this is about Twitter so it is related to that social media website. After you click it, it takes some times for it to load but give it as it is downloading. Usually it takes a few minutes so feel free to get a snack or play some game on your phone while you are waiting for it to finish. After it is done loading, it will want you to fill out some of your basic information. Fill that out and sign in into your Twitter account.

Then your Twitter profile should pop up on the Xbox screen. You will be able to browse peoples tweets that you follow, creep on people who do not follow, favorite, retweet, and so on. Your whole timeline will show up on the main menu section. The process is not too difficult as you can tell. You can then be connected with your friends through another means. It is great to check up on Twitter right before you go to play your actual game on the Xbox.

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