Get Drunk On Tea this Dec – Tea and Alcohol comes to Brixton Cornercopia


Serving adult a gratifying choice to mulled booze or cider this December, a village focused Real Tea People are environment adult Tea and Alcohol during Brixton Cornercopia on Friday and Saturday evenings via Dec to deliver a preference of tea formed cocktails to Brixton.

Poster 2nd weekend

Founded by Brixton internal Alex Holland (who led a debate to forestall Brixton Market removing knocked down a few years back) , Real Tea People have committed to regulating teas that champion tiny growers, profitable them 10 times improved than Fair Trade would.

PR_Brew-88 (2)

They have also employed an ex-inmate of Brixton jail in a kitchen, by a mentoring charity Switchback.

As their name articulates Tea and Alcohol will offer classical “cocktails done improved by tea” so design warming Ceylon Whisky Toddies and Hot Arrack Chai as good as Grey and Tonics and English Breakfast Martinis.


After rising final weekend, Tea and Alcohol earnings to Brixton Cornercopia (65 Brixton Village Market, Granville Arcade SW9 8PS) this weekend (6.30pm – 11pm Fridays and Saturdays in Dec – 12th, 13th, 19th, 20th and 27th).

Twitter: @tea_and_alcohol
Facebook: Tea and Alcohol

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