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Follow a Eastern European Gaming Summit 2015 – a networking and contention sequence in Eastern Europe!

The annual discussion of a gaming attention in Eastern Europe (EEGS) that presents a stream marketplace and regulatory conditions as good as new developments and technological creation in a zone will be hold on Nov 23-24, 2015 in Sofia as a together eventuality of BEGE Expo – a many critical eventuality in a gaming and party attention in a Balkans and Eastern Europe. For 8th uninterrupted year, BEGE Expo will accumulate together heading companies from a sector, giving manufacturers, vendors, operators and attention professionals a possibility to accommodate and share profitable knowledge as good as to benefaction their latest product developments and innovations.

The muster will take place on 24-25 Nov in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, so apropos an epicenter for a latest marketplace developments and technological trends in a gaming industry. Over a past years, a Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) and a Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE Expo) have determined themselves as a many poignant events for a whole gaming attention in a Balkan region, with 25% annual expansion rates of attendance. Both events are orderly underneath a clientele of a Bulgarian Association of

Manufacturers and Operators in a Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI).

The arriving 8th book of EEGS calls together regulators, operators, manufacturers, lawyers, professionals, and all stakeholders from a land formed and online gaming, convenience and tourism sectors around a universe to try and learn about a changing gaming standards, regulatory processes, and selling perspectives per a growth of a industry. The conference

will yield cultivatable discussions and a far-reaching operation of panels – from watching a gaming attention in South Eastern Europe, though also focusing on a latest developments from a rest of a Europe, US, Russia and even Asia.

Don’t skip out on this glorious event to accommodate a member of Eastern and South Eastern Europe and advantage from gaming tips and strategies from business leaders and register during

As an determined sequence for exchanging ideas and opinions, EEGS is going to keep adult a tradition to classify one-day master classes. This year training march “Casino Marketing and Communications” will be hold on Nov 22nd by ARJAN KORSTJENS – a obvious title orator of all panels dedicated to communication of casinos during a Slot Summit. This master category aims to benefaction fanciful and unsentimental bargain of communication, including general examples, best practice, opposite forms of promotions, digital marketing, multi-media and how to brief an agency, all tailored to casinos.

Registration is now open during The discussion module is accessible during

Join a heading events in a gaming and party attention and benefit first-hand knowledge by following BEGE Expo and EEGS 2015!

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