'Faily Brakes' Adding Costumes, New Themes, and Vehicle Abilities in Big Update Next Thursday

Faily Brakes [Free]has been one of my favorite unconstrained high-score games given a strange launch in February. Part of that is that it’s fun and severe to lean out of control with no brakes and skilfully equivocate using into trees, traffic, trains, and some-more as we journey for that high score. The other partial is that when we destroy during that task, there’s something disfigured and fun about rising your bad motorist right out of that car as we impact into something and examination him or her fly by a atmosphere in delayed suit crashing and bashing into objects ragdoll-style. Yes, losing is roughly as most fun as winning in Faily Brakes. Which creates a stirring refurbish so sparkling as now you’ll be means to launch your infirm impression and suffer those fantastic slow-mo crashes with them wearing a panda costume! That, along with a accumulation of other stupid costumes, dual new environments, and new vehicles will be attack Faily Brakes subsequent Thursday.

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The dual new themes are a fantasy-style Magic Fields and a post-apocalyptic Apocalypse Down to go along with a other dual new themes that were combined final month. Also, this refurbish will deliver new vehicles that have singular traits, like earning we some-more coins when we use them. That should be interesting, and if that arrange of thing trickled out to a rest of a expel of vehicles it could unequivocally supplement a covering of abyss to a game. Oh, and a diversion now includes Monster Trucks to drive. America! Look for a Faily Brakes #GetSwag refurbish to land subsequent Thursday, Jun 16th.

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