E3 2016 – Expect new Xbox consoles and some-more from Microsoft

The year’s biggest gaming uncover starts subsequent week, and with it will come announcements from scarcely each vital gaming association out there. Since there is going to be a lot of news function subsequent week, we suspicion I’d put together a list of announcements to watch out for, as good as a few predictions.

Xbox One Slim

We’ve listened a lot of rumors about what Microsoft is operative on lately. While zero has been confirmed, we are awaiting to see a integrate of new pieces of hardware. First adult is a new, some-more absolute Slim unit. This won’t come as too most of a startle to anyone, as a Xbox 360 perceived a identical treatment. The section is pronounced to be smaller, and hopefully reduction costly than a tide models.


Xbox TV

Another engaging gossip is that a association will deliver a Chromecast-like Xbox TV stick. You’d be means to use this with your existent Xbox One controller to tide calm to your TV. But instead of only being singular to examination videos and listening to music, we could also tide games from your Xbox One that’s in another room. We’ve already seen Microsoft do this with Windows 10 PCs on your home network, so carrying a dedicated square of hardware that could supply this to any TV would seem like a judicious pierce for a company.

Xbox Two + VR

Next adult is a probability that a association will pierce out a some-more absolute inheritor to a Xbox One, presumably named a Xbox Two. It won’t indispensably be a new era of console, though simply a beefier chronicle of a Xbox One. It would run a same games, though with support for aloft 4K resolutions.

What’s quite engaging about a new some-more absolute Xbox Two is that it’s pronounced to come with support for a Oculus Rift. This would be a intelligent pierce on Microsoft’s part, as this would concede them to enter a VR marketplace with their console though wanting to deposit millions in researching and building their possess headset. And given a Xbox One already runs Windows 10, it shouldn’t take that most work to get a Rift operative on it.


The destiny of Xbox

This leads me to an area of pristine speculation. While we’ve had attention insiders confirming a rumors above, this subsequent partial is only a personal opinion. Everything Microsoft is doing with a Xbox seems to be indicating in one direction. The Xbox is branch into a PC. While it’s doubtful that you’ll ever run Word or Excel on your console, we consider Microsoft will pierce to a format where console generations mix together.

The strange Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One were all really graphic generations of a console. You couldn’t simply cocktail in games from an comparison console, and design them to run on a newer one. Yes, a 360 did have some singular backwards-compatibility, and a Xbox One eventually did get a backwards-compatibility treatment. However, they are all still treated as totally opposite generations.


Imagine if Microsoft threw divided a aged playbook and started treating a Xbox like a PC. They would recover new hardware each few years, though all of a games and peripherals/accessories would be concordant with it. Eventually, after we’re adult to a Xbox Three or Four, we’ll start saying games with complement requirements, only like on a PC. But instead of inventory off technical specs, we’ll see mandate listed like this: “Minimum complement requirements: Xbox Two. Recommended complement requirements: Xbox Four.”

When we ascent a system, you’d pierce over all of your games, all of your controllers, your outmost tough drive, and your Kinect. You wouldn’t have to worry about when a publisher finally updates their diversion from 7 years ago to be backwards-compatible with your new console. All of a comparison games will only simply work, and continue to work with destiny consoles.

We won’t know anything for certain until Microsoft has their large E3 press conference. It will be function Monday Jun 13 during 9:30am PT. We will be gripping we adult to date with a latest developments from a uncover all subsequent week.

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