'Disney Magic Kingdoms' Guide – Tips to Build Without Spending Real Money

Gameloft’s take on a freemium city builder infused with Disney sorcery is an glorious pretension for those that meddlesome in anything associated to a House of Mouse. Yet, identical to other identical titles, Disney Magic Kingdoms does possess some shade to a approach it handles a timer formed gameplay. We’ve been personification it utterly a bit in sequence to build a ideal Disney park (hint, it doesn’t engage putting a Astro Orbiters in front of a opening to Tomrorowland) and have a few tips to explain for those looking to build though resorting to IAP.

Prioritize Character Level-ups Over Buildings Initially

Magic Kingdoms takes page from titles such as Avengers Academy with a impression leveling system. In a box of Magic Kingdoms, leveling adult your particular characters clear additional activities for them to do (which are infrequently compulsory to finish quests), as good as new buildings to erect (again, infrequently compulsory for quests). Leveling adult a impression for quest-related functions seems like an apparent reason to dedicate your Magic resources towards that over buildings though there are other reasons to do so as well. For example, we wish to clear as many activities as probable simply to have a sundry activity portfolio for opposite time slots, and new activities have a intensity to clear new and opposite equipment for impression development.


In General, Start Leveling Up Characters When You’ve Earned All Items To Do So

This goes palm in palm with a above tip, though it’s critical to discuss alone nonetheless. Whenever we have a eventuality to ascent a impression (and presumption we have plenty Magic to do so), we advise we take a time to do so. There’s a few reasons that it creates clarity to do it as conveniently as possible. First, there are a reasons we already summarized above (unlocking new activities, e.t.c.). Second, when a impression is prepared to be upgraded, you’re no longer authorised to save impression specific equipment in your inventory. That means that activities that would typically acquire those equipment will no longer acquire anything other than Magic and Experience. Thus, it’s roughly as if you’re blank out on intensity register equipment any time we finish such an activity though upgrading your characters.

Avoid Optional Land Clears Initially

As we get serve into Magic Kingdoms, you’ll eventually get to a indicate where we can clear additional plots of land that aren’t tied to evident quests (i.e. they won’t fill your query record and we won’t get any sorcery or knowledge points for unlocking them). You’ll also see that these land plots are flattering costly compared to a pieces of land that are partial of a story. At slightest during a onset, I’d rarely advise avoiding these discretionary unlocks unless we really have an wild enterprise to ideally space out your park and we have an extreme volume of magic. Otherwise, you’re distant improved off saving that Magic for story-based buildings and impression level-ups.


Timer Management 101

Every freemium builder diversion unavoidable requires a authority on common clarity timer management. If you’ve finished a good pursuit upgrading your characters, you’ve hopefully grown a decent activity portfolio for any character, permitting we to be means to sufficient devise out extended adequate activities depending on how prolonged we devise on being divided from a diversion (for example, creation certain we set adult 8 or 12 hour timers right before bed). In general, a longer a activity a reduction sorcery and knowledge per hour is indeed rewarded so if we devise on enchanting with a diversion during a diversion it might make some-more clarity to report some-more 1 or 2 hour prolonged activities instead of a longer ones.

One difference to a above order might be if you’re privately looking for an object that can customarily be warranted by a certain activity. At that point, we simply have to do a business box research as to either or not Magic accumulation potency or character-item accumulation is some-more useful to your stream enlargement plans. In my perspective Magic accumulation roughly always takes dominance though if you’re unequivocally tighten to a query execution it might make some-more clarity to deviating pursue a equipment instead.

Check Out a Special Events

This sounds kind of obvious, though keep an eye out for special events in-game, and be certain to take advantage of them for an easy to acquire additional magic. For example, a new eventuality rewarded players for logging in mixed times a day and drumming on black crows that had infiltrated their particular kingdoms. Sounds simple, though with rewards adult to 5000 magic, it’s good value logging in simply to contribute.


Gem Tips

While a infancy of a beam apparently focuses on non-IAP tips, for folks that devise on dabbling with a games prerogative banking here are a few tips:

First off, on occasion, keep in mind that there are several characters in a diversion that can customarily be unbarred with gems. They are not story-related characters so a diversion won’t we to continue to clear them, though they can clear additional quests and they customarily offer activities to clear rarer equipment for other characters. On occasion, Magical Kingdoms might offer we singular time discounts to squeeze a characters (along with gems) on a cheap. If we get such an offer we suggest holding it. Otherwise, if we finish adult with additional gems, we suggest picking adult characters before going for new buildings.

Once you’ve unbarred a prerogative characters, a subsequent thing you’d wish to clear are prerogative attractions that might accompany those characters. The reason for that is there are many expected certain activities that will customarily be accessible if those attractions are built (they also get nicer than common building bonuses).


Finally, gems can be unbarred to enhance your daily march choice (which allows we to spend a garland of sorcery to launch a march that has a possibility to prerogative magic, gems and impression items). The gem investment is a one-time understanding and can be value it to make a parades many some-more remunerative in a prolonged term.

It is hapless that there’s utterly a bit that’s sealed behind a prerogative currency, though there’s still a poignant volume of calm that can be simply played though IAP. In addition, by following a above tips we should hopefully get a many crash out of both your sorcery and prerogative gems.

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