Complete Art in Odd Places: Orlando artist and designation list

Reading Room, Paul Finch

Reading Room, Paul Finch

Art in Odd Places (Website) will benefaction a initial open visible and opening art festival this month along Magnolia Avenue, from Sep 17-20.

Last week we wrote about Black Bean Deli carrying a pop-up emporium in a dull cafeteria space in Gallery during Avalon Island. Read some-more about that HERE.

The festival kickoff will be during a Downtown Art District’s monthly Third Thursday Gallery Hop, and a special Taste of Downtown eventuality hosted by a Downtown Orlando Partnership from 6-9 p.m. in a yard of a Orange County Regional History Center.

Friday a 18 will be Senior Day and will embody opening groups like a Downtowners from Lutheran Towers and special programming for Florida retirees.

Saturday a 19 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. will underline special family-friendly programming with activities from groups like ArtReach Orlando on a immature in front of a Performing Arts Center.

Avalon will also be hosting a array of artist panels on Thursday and Saturday during 7 p.m.

See brief art vaunt descriptions and artist names below. Some photos included:

1001 Paper Bag Mushrooms – Doug Rhodehamel (Orlando, FL): Paper installation.

Paper Bag Mushrooms, Doug Rhodehamel

Paper Bag Mushrooms, Doug Rhodehamel

After a Tone – brian feldman projects (Washington, DC): Phone and time-based performance.

Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting – Laure Drogoul (Baltimore, MD): Knitting, performance, and sound installation.

Artist in a Box Presents UVscapes – DeMarcus Purham (Chicago, IL): Ultraviolet light performance.

Audiograph – Nathan Selikoff (Orlando, FL): Clock and light installation.

Black Hands – Mario Schambon (Orlando, FL): Sculpture and picture installation.

The City Appluse – Emilie Finney and Rashaad Rosalle (Lake Worth, FL): Music and time-based installation.

Corner Mirror – Daniel Shieh (St. Louis, MO): Mirror installation.

Corner Mirror, Daniel Shieh

Corner Mirror, Daniel Shieh

Door Mat – Rokaya Mikhailenko (Orlando, FL): Mobile performance.

Door Mat, Rokaya Mikhailenko

Door Mat, Rokaya Mikhailenko

Dots and Lines – Adam Farcus (Baltimore, MD): Performance, painting, and open collaboration.

Dream Garden – Matt Roberts, Terri Witek and Michael Branton (DeLand, FL): Word cloud and record installation.

Drum Machine Circle – Greg Leibowitz (Orlando, FL): Sound and village appearance installment.

Drum Machine Circle, Greg Leibowitz

Drum Machine Circle, Greg Leibowitz

Earth Tones; Magnolia – Tory Tepp (St. Petersburg, FL): Sod and low-pitched installation.

Faded Glory – Terry S. Hardy (Flowery Branch, GA): Portable sculpture.

Illumination – Nikki Pena (Winter Park, FL): Light and tone performance. Community participation.

Interruptions – Ian Nolan (Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland): Painted leaflet installation.

Jukebox Dudule – Beju LeJobart (West Palm Beach, FL): Bicycle and song installation.

Jukebox Dudule, Béju LeJobart

Jukebox Dudule, Béju LeJobart

Kintsukuroi – Fahan Sky McDonagh (Orlando, FL): Sidewalk installation.

Last Day of Innocence – Vanessa Andrade (Orlando, FL): Free-standing sculpture.

The Magnolia Cup – J. Ashley Miller (Kansas City, MO): Ninja opening and village participation.

Meditating Woman Series: Self-portrait as Golden Statue – Masami Koshikwa (Orlando, FL): Origami butterflies and village appearance installation.

Migration – Ivan Riascos (Apopka, FL): Audio installation.

Migration, Ivan Riascos

Migration, Ivan Riascos

My Resonant Interior – Scott Burland (Clarkston, GA): MRI installation.

New Friends Making Music Together – Jeff Ferree (Winter Park, FL): See-saw song installation.

NORMAN® – Aaron Gombar (Orlando, FL): Comic frame installation.

Opticks – Cody Zeigler (Orlando, FL): Interactive paint installation.

Out Top 100 – Jody Servon (Boone, NC): Music installation.

Picture Garden Presents: Reading Room, a Mobile Foundation for Reading and Learning – Paul Finch (Winter Park, FL): Reading and training installation.

Reading Room, Paul Finch

Reading Room, Paul Finch

The Pied Pipers Payback – Klimchak (Atlanta, GA): Bicycle performance.

Pipe Balm – Mark McDonnell (West Palm Beach, FL): Performance and record installation.

Plastic Stream – Danielle DeGuglimo (Winter Park, FL): Blue cosmetic celebration straw installation.

Project Darkroom – Dominic DiPaolo and Halee Sommer (Orlando, FL): Shipping enclosure installation.

Dark Room, Dominic DiPaolo  Halee Sommer

Dark Room, Dominic DiPaolo Halee Sommer

Pure/ORL/FL – Dina Mack (Longwood, FL): Small Sculpture installations.

Reverse River – Bruno Cardhenri (Kissimmee, FL): Sculpture installations.

Rick Scott is My Hero – David Matteson and Betsy Johnson (Orlando, FL): Satirical Performance.

Secular Community Call – Patrick Greene (Orlando, FL): Sound installation.

So Near, Yet So Far – Anna Berry (United Kingdom): Site-specific paper installations.

Sonify: Orlando – Jeff Knowlton (Newhall, CA): Mobile phone and sound installation.

Status Update – Katya Grokhovsky (Brooklyn, NY): Social media performance.

Storm Water – Forrest MacDonald (Tampa, FL): Hand sculpture.

Street Urchin – Brendan O’Connor (Orlando, FL): Free-standing sculpture.

Street Urchin, Brendan O'Connor

Street Urchin, Brendan O’Connor

This is a Safe Place – Ashley Inguanta and Tara Young (Orlando, FL): Wheat mural.

Tracker – Holly Kranker (Omaha, NE): Gym apparatus installation.

Tracker, Holly Kranker

Tracker, Holly Kranker

TrIP Lymmo Soundtrack Project – Patrick Greene (Orlando, FL): Sound and movement installation.

Typographic Fencing – Lambchop (Defiance, OH): Flagging fasten installations.

Wearable Tentacle Horn – Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko (Providence, RI): Wearable low-pitched sculpture.

We Don’t Like Your Tone – Housewifes Collective – Leah Sandler, Cathleen Bota, Jessica Earley and Lucinda Rex (Maitland, FL): Performance, sculpture and installation.

When a Moon Wandered – Megan Boye (Orlando, FL): Shadow and underwater puppet   performance.

X-Ray Camper – Chris Scala (Orlando, FL): X-Ray designation and performance.

Xray Camper, Chris Scala

Xray Camper, Chris Scala

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