'Clash Royale' Update Hits, Adds New Cards, New Arena, and Tons More

As it gets closer to a a general launch, Supercell is adding and rebalancing things like crazy in Clash Royale. The latest update strike this morning, and infrequently adequate includes fundamentally all that “leaked” a integrate weeks ago. The Royal Giant, Three Musketeers, and other cards along with a new Legendary monument have been combined to a diversion along with a whole new arena, a singular actor Training Camp, and there’s even 3D Touch support now for people who are propitious adequate to be rocking a newest iPhones.


There’s been a number of balancing tweaks as well, with a few buffs and nerfs, a coolest of that is doubling a knowledge benefit from donating singular cards to house mates. That goes from 5 XP to 10 XP, that creates being in a house (and being generous) all a some-more critical if we wish to turn adult quickly.

If you’re not fiddling around with Clash Royale yet, we unequivocally should. Carter wrote adult an in-depth beam on how to play soothing launched games like Clash Royale and a routine is super simple. All of your cards and swell will sync over when a diversion launches worldwide subsequent month, so we competence as good get a conduct start on building your collection. I’m flattering certain Clash Royale is going to be a large deal.

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