Build This Two-Player Arcade Table from a Raspberry Pi and IKEA Parts

Build This Two-Player Arcade Table from a Raspberry Pi and IKEA Parts

We’ve shown we some awesome IKEA diversion tables, and even a two-player coffee list mod, though this one takes a favorite simulation powerhouse, a Raspberry Pi, puts it in an affordable IKEA table, packs in a span of control sticks, and lets we use your existent screens to diversion on.…

The folks during Element14 upheld this one along to us-they call it a “PIK3A Gaming Table Mk II,” powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, and a outrageous alleviation over a singular actor Mk we version, that we highlighted a while ago. While a Mk we had a built-in screen, it looked flattering worried to use for prolonged periods, so this one lets we lay during a list and diversion while sitting adult straight, and offloads a pursuit of video to a HDTV or other vast shade we already have (or even better, if we unequivocally adore retro games, a good large CRT.) Here’s a video of a project:

Price-wise, a outing to IKEA will do a trick, and given a LACK list is inexpensive and easy to reconfigure, we can embody a shelf for Bluetooth controllers when we don’t wish to use a arcade sticks, for magazines or other booklets, or anything else we competence wish to store while we play. It is, however, stout adequate to take a violence while we and your crony chuck down. Hit a couple next for some-more photos and a walkthrough.

PIK3A Retro Gaming Table Mk II | Element14

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