Books of Nations

Books are a man’s most loyal friend. Human have the tendency to grow or change and then simply leave but books are something that one can cherish for as long as one lives. They don’t change with the passage of time, they don’t just get up one day and decide to leave they tales they hold always stay true to their meaning. Most importantly they always stay as beneficial to mankind as they were when they were new. There is no such thing as a bad book but there are definitely some great books. While these great books are divided among an array of different topics related to almost every walk of life, there are some particular books that are close the hearts of those who give importance to the art of traveling. These books have been referred to as travel books since the medieval era. This also shows how old this tradition is. Travel books have been a source of delight for people from a very long time. Although some might argue that books don’t hold much importance in the present world because of revolutionary technology and especially books about travels are particularly unappealing, one can simply not deny the fact that books are timeless and that all the technology in the world combined cannot replace the importance of a vintage style book reading.

The importance of Travel Books

A man is born in one country, he often spends his entire life in that country since many don’t get a chance to travel but living in this world it is almost impossible to not hear stories about other nations. These stories are sometimes true and something mere mythical fantasies. It is absolutely vital that the misconceptions about other nations should be clarified. This is where the role of travel books comes in. these books act as a guide for those who want to learn about other cultures and also helps in breaking stereotypical assumptions that people too often hold about foreigners.

People usually spend their lives mastering their own culture and propagating it like they were born to do it but errors mostly occur when they undermine other cultures so that theirs can come out as the champion. This problem solely exists because we are not as aware about the warmth and positive things other cultures hold as we should be. No culture in this world preaches hostility and violence it is just a matter of getting to know them. Travel books hold the true essence of various culture which gives a better understanding of what these customs actually are and what they preach. These books prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning new and interesting things and increasing one’s knowledge. They are a silent proponent of peace and stability. Cultural and ethnic tolerance and most importantly of coexistence. . Travel books are extremely valuable because they are an insight to an entire world which is not known to many. There is a lot that can be learned through them.