'BATMAN – The Telltale Series' Premiering This Summer and 'The Walking Dead: Season 3' Drops This Fall



It’s not a strech to contend that when Telltale announced behind in Dec that it’s building a Batman game, even those who don’t customarily play Telltale games got excited. Batman has always been really renouned – even some-more so in a final decade – and all a new Arkham games really haven’t harm his recognition with gamers. We didn’t know a game’s pretension yet adult until final night when Job J Stauffer, Head of Creative Communications for Telltale, tweeted that BATMAN – The Telltale Series is entrance this Summer. So, we suspect it’s flattering protected to contend that we now have a game’s title; not a many creative, though it does follow Telltale fixing conventions.

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He afterwards went to surprise a media attending E3 subsequent week that they should make certain they secure an invitation to see Telltale during “Wayne Manor,” that should meant that we’ll get to finally see a gameplay demo of a diversion and, really possibly, get a tangible recover date. From what I’ve listened about a diversion so far, I’m flattering vehement to play it.

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