An Interactive Installation Lets You Manipulate Time and Space

DJ Pangburn — Apr 26 2016

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The final we listened from multimedia choreographers Adrien M and Claire B, they’d only expelled a video mark for The Movement of Air, in that dancers manipulated a accumulation of projection-mapped tornadoes, fume columns, and floating papers. In their latest video, that shows off their ever-expanding muster XYZT, a dual artists uncover epitome landscapes opposite 4 dimensions—the plane (X), straight (Y), abyss (Z) and time (T).

“Four letters to report a transformation [of] a indicate in space, and to widespread an hypothetical territory,” Adrien M and Claire B contend in a video description. “Mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions, transformation metaphors pull a landscapes in this exhibition.”

“Walk by a sensuous digital space, hold algorithms with your finger, feel light matter—[these] are only a few of a hypothetical territories to explore,” they add. “Like a tour opposite a revisited nature. The fluke between geometry and organic, real, and virtual.”

To that end, visitors to a XYZT muster during Le Palais de la Découverte, Paris were means to travel on practical floors that reacted to their footsteps. They were also means to manipulate light particles on tabletop screens, see a radiant white trees disintegrate outward a exhibition, and counterpart into a potion boxes where practical letters fabricated and disassembled. From a looks of it, XYZT looked like a consternation to behold. A alloy of complicated art designation and late 19th century illusionist spectacle.

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XYZT – 2015 from Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo.

Click here to see some-more work by Adrien M and Claire B.


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