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One of a participants contrast a diversion that he developed

For an typical weekend, Matthew aged 9 would be spending his time examination Television during home with his siblings, afterwards doing some of his weekend homework, and afterwards he’d play outward a little. Some weekends his family will go out to a mall for lunch or usually grocery selling where he competence hide a can of ice cream into a trolley and wish his relatives don’t notice. After all he had some on his approach home from propagandize yesterday and father has capped a volume of ice cream he can have in a week. Matthew would be adult to his common effect and fun life.

But this was no typical weekend for Matthew and 49 other kids from 10 schools around Kampala. This weekend was life changing, to contend a least. we can quietly tell we that for many of these 50 children aged 9-12 , this weekend will be one of a many critical ones of their lives.

The stay had member from 10 schools around KampalaThe stay had member from 10 schools around Kampala

Matthew and a other children spent this weekend training about robots, machines, sensors, hardware, software, diodes, capacitors, transistors. They spent this weekend training about animation, games, programming. They spent this weekend conceptualizing video games, not personification video games. Instead of examination animations on TV, they brought to life their possess animations. Matthew and his friends did not spend time personification with fondle cars, they built their possess fondle cars!

At a finish of a training, Matthew told a assembly that he was seeking appropriation to take his fondle automobile to market! Not usually has he learnt a technical skills, yet he’s also learnt that he will need a lot of income to pierce his fondle automobile from antecedent to fondle automobile in stores, and that it is probable to find an investor. Surely this was no typical weekend as a kids during a MTN Junior Robotics Camp were introduced to many concepts that they differently wouldn’t be unprotected to compartment many after in life.

One of a projects grown by a childrenOne of a projects grown by a children

While presenting her plan during a shutting rite on Sunday, one of a children quietly pronounced “Am certain all of we have used a non-static resistor …” Members of a assembly consisting of parents, propagandize officials, a media and other good wishers possibly detonate into delight or difficulty as many of them didn’t know what a resistor is, let alone a non-static resistor. That usually goes to uncover we a impact of introducing such topics to a immature mind. While a training was meant to be usually introductory, a children were means to learn so many in such a brief time that they grown organic projects. They got so gentle with several technical terms that we would consider they had been training for months.

“What astounded me many is that even yet we had singular time, pupils were means to create some-more than we taught,” pronounced FundiBots’ owner Solomon King Benge, who was also a camp’s categorical facilitator. “We taught them to use motors yet some went forward and have finished some relocating cars.”

He added; “What we’ve finished is set them off on a tour that hurdles them, their schools and relatives to emanate improved training opportunities. For a children, it is a commencement of changing how they see a world, and a solutions that they can emanate for a problems around them.”

Solomon King Benge, owner of FundiBotsSolomon King Benge, owner of FundiBots

“MTN is unapproachable to partner with Fundi Bots, that is a colonize provider of robotics pattern training in Ugandan schools. Our goal is to emanate and enthuse a new era of Ugandan children to be a destiny problem solvers, innovators and change makers,” Ms. Mapula Bodibe, MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer said.

“We wish a children will leave a module with a new adore and passion for pattern facilitated by innovations in a digital space. We also wish them to know that anyone, regardless of age, gender or credentials can use digital platforms in a artistic and innovative ways,” she added.

This being something new, some people asked questions, including since learn a kids about Robotics of all topics, and either that’s what we need as Ugandans, yet both MTN and Fundibots emphasized that a training was some-more than usually Robotics.

“During a construction of a robot, they learn electrical engineering, automatic engineering, mechanism programming, biology and soothing skills like leadership, teamwork and plan management. Such will assistance them in future, regardless of their contingent careers,” pronounced Ms Bodibe.

Susan Kayemba, MTN Uganda’s Senior Manager for Retention and Social Media pronounced that, “By running students by problem identification, brainstorming, collaboration, construction, programming, final deployment and complement feedback, we will uncover them how life’s hurdles can be solved regulating digital and technological tools.”

“We were also overwhelmingly speedy by a feedback we perceived from some parents, generally those whose children did not attend this time, seeking when we’ll classify a subsequent stay so they can also send their children to participate,” Kayemba added.

Ms Susan Kayemba, Senior Manager Retention and Social Media giving her opening remarksMs Susan Kayemba, Senior Manager Retention and Social Media 

The shutting rite was also attended by Florence Muhumuza, KCCA’s Director of Educational Services, who thanked MTN for a joining to ancillary ICT preparation in schools.

“We commend a several projects that MTN is doing in a schools, including a MTN Internet Bus that goes and spends time during opposite schools from time to time. Some of these initiatives might demeanour tiny yet they have a poignant impact,” she said.

Florence Muhumuza, KCCA’s Director of Educational ServicesFlorence Muhumuza, KCCA’s Director of Educational Services

Solomon King started FundiBots in 2011 to change a approach scholarship is taught in schools and that they work as a non-profit “Fundibots runs as a non-profit, and we do not assign schools or communities for a classes that we have. We usually need facilitation to assistance us pierce to those locations, and if there is need for apparatus or material, a propagandize purchases it. For a schools represented here today, we shall be giving them a materials used in a projects during no cost since of MTN’s support”.

The stay had member from Lohana Academy, Vine Academy, Ntinda Primary School, Nakasero Primary School, Buganda Road Primary School, Kiswa Primary School, Kitante Primary School, Daffodils Academy, Kampala Parents School and St. Kizito Primary School Bugolobi.

Each of a students that attended got a certificate of participation.

Each of a students that attended got a certificate of participation.Each of a students that attended got a certificate of participation.

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