How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry

The dream job of many is to work in the video game industry. It allows for creativity, technical skills, and pays well. This makes it a highly competitive field, where there are more game designers than there are jobs. In order to live the job of your dreams, you have to be willing to

Understanding Your Child Gaming Habit

Understanding Your Child’s Gaming Habit The influence video games have over children has been a hot topic for quite a while. The question has been raised of whether or not playing video games can transform an innocent child into a heartless murderer. Though in all reality, the answer is obviously no, there are certain

Halo 3 Tips And Tricks

Halo 3 is the final chapter of the Halo trilogy. It is a first-person shooter video game. The award winning game was developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft. It was released in 2007 and grossed over US$300 million in the first week of release, and over one million people had played it on

How To Download Games For Your Ipod If You Have A Pc

Using iTunes to Download Games to Your iPod Forget the old “beat-box” systems from the 80’s. Today’s teen loves to listen to tunes on an iPod. With this technology towering over the old-fashioned records and CD’s, it can be an amazing device that is nothing short of a mini-computer. The iPod has a lot

How To Get Free Xbox 360 Games

In order to get free Xbox 360 games, you don’t need to engage in nefarious activities or illegal downloads to play your favorite games for free. There are a lot of free games in the games marketplace of Xbox that you can enjoy and play legally. The variety is astounding and is completely free.

How To Do Archery On Wii

Wii is not exactly a gaming system that ever gets boring. The sheer massive array of games in the system’s library ensures no one ever gets bored. The presence of active sporting games such as Wii Boxing and Wii Archery further adds new dimensions to gaming. Archery does present more than a few additional

How To Play Table Tennis On Wii

Have you ever wondered how to play table tennis on Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort? If so, then this is the place to be. This article will not only discuss, in detail, how to play a regular matched table tennis game but it will also include details on how to play the rematch challenge found

How To Choose a Games Console To Buy

There are so many different games consoles on the market today. This makes it very difficult to choose the right one for your family. Here are some great pros and cons of each game console so you know which one to choose. There are three different consoles that we are going to be exploring

How To Play F1 2011 Game

Formula one 2011 is a very captivating and challenging sport to watch. Now, you can actually play the racing game on your computer right at the comfort of your house. The popular F1 2011 Game comes with the following interesting features; Players can compete in co-op Championships and split-screens. One can also play it

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